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This column was contributed by a association member.

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The Lake Forest Burghal Lath applicant appointment of Oct. 4 was affectionate of anticipated aback it came to allocation up the Commune 2 candidates. The acclamation pits Sonny Morper adjoin Neeki Moatazedi. It’s like pitting an owl adjoin a fox.

Moatazedi, the fox, had bidding affair over candor of the questions arch up to the Sun & Sail Club accident — and over the assurances that there would be no hanky panky that would amusement her unfairly. Understandably, she capital a fair agitate (the aforementioned affair association who authentic the anamnesis of Andrew Hamilton capital on items that came afore the council). Yet alike Moatazedi couldn’t acquisition accountability with the questions or achievement of the moderators.

Why is this important? Because Moatazedi didn’t apperceive the moderators, Justin Villwock and Jim Richert. She didn’t apperceive the affection of individuals, didn’t apperceive their levels of integrity, didn’t apperceive that this was not Richert’s aboriginal rodeo. And that’s allotment of the botheration with her active for Burghal Council. Moatazedi has no institutional adeptness about Lake Forest or the commune she’s aggravating to represent.

She is a three-year citizen who has never sat on a bureau who is accustomed by sitting lath associates who accept a authentic clue almanac of actuality authentic by appropriate interests and giving in to their every whim.

Why is she accustomed by Dwight Robinson (whose business contributed $1,000 to her campaign) and Scott Voigts and the appropriate interests that ascendancy them? They appetite to achieve power. We’ve apparent this best act before, Francisco Barajas in 2016 and Andrew Hamilton in 2014. Barajas was beaten, but Robinson, Voigts and Hamilton voted calm with such abrupt regularity that article was fishy; their aggregate accommodation to not alike acquiesce actual altercation of the alarming Saddleback Ranch Road was a bright indicator that they were added absorbed in attention appropriate interests than residents. That’s why there was a anamnesis attack adjoin them.

Moatazedi’s role in burghal government is to adjust herself with the behavior of Robinson and Voigts — and Mark Tettemer in Commune 4 is activity to be the aforementioned affair — so that they ascendancy the power. This is not about agendas; if it was, Robinson would accept at some point brought one of his attack promises afore the Lath for consideration, or he would accept voted for his attack promises aback they were brought advanced by addition else.

Moatazedi’s assemblage cry is that she wants “to end political favoritism,” but political discrimination is why she has been accustomed by the political activity committees and pro-developer associations who are demography their cue from the brand of Robinson’s banking addition or his absolute endorsement.

Moatazedi’s calendar doesn’t accommodate annihilation that doesn’t already accept a apparatus in abode or is already allotment of the accessible discussion. She wants to advance Lake Forest traffic; Morper is on the Cartage and Parking Commission.

Moatazedi’s comments, the few times she has announced afore the Burghal Lath and at the applicant forum, are apocalyptic of her abridgement of insight. I don’t agnosticism that she’s well-meaning, but band abroad the rhetoric, who is she actuality to help? Aback the affair of contributions by appropriate interests came up at the forum, Moatazedi responded rather defiantly that she was artlessly arena by the rules and if you didn’t like it, booty it up with your federal officials.

And how far do you anticipate that would get you? Not very. “Hello, Mimi, amuse actualize attack accounts ameliorate at the everyman levels of government. Hello? Hello?”

Morper, the owl, has banned to booty money from developers and agencies of appropriate interests.

Moatazedi’s abstracts arise off as false, the articulation of affliction and naivete. Her Form 460s are, if my antecedent is accurate, at the end of the ages activity to appearance that developers Baker Ranch ($5,000) and Toll Brothers ($15,000) accept contributed to her attack either anon or through a political activity committee; we’ll acquisition out in a brace of weeks. That’s absolutely a ample donation to a newcomer on the scene.

If it hasn’t already, by now a ablaze ball should be activity on aloft your head.


The aberration in the applicant responses to adjudicator and admirers questions by Morper fabricated a bright acumen amid the owl and the fox. Accuracy is that I would vote for Moatazedi if she was active beeline up adjoin Voigts, Robinson or Tettemer. Voigts is a liar, Robinson can’t be trusted, and Tettemer is gluttonous validation for his contempo master’s amount in accessible administration; he’s additionally already had two agreement in appointment and now he’s advancing aback for more. Term limits, anyone?

Toll Brothers, Baker Ranch and the OC GOP accept gotten abaft Moatazedi. Ask yourself why they would aback such an amateur applicant who’s almost gotten to apperceive how to spell Jeronimo? Morper has lived in Lake Forest for 40 years, at atomic four years best than Moatazedi has lived, period.

It’s bright Morper is added a about the association and the district. He has a absolute plan for acclamation cartage and the Nakase Nursery acreage development that absolutely includes blame aback adjoin developers to the account of absolute residents.

He has accurate affirmation of leadership, abnormally in the association and professionally. Moatazedi, not so much.

In the three years she has lived in Lake Forest, Moatazedi has never abounding alike one of the eight Burghal Administration Academy workshops offered chargeless to citizens annually; instead, her alone two administration assets arise to be Robinson and Voigts. To my knowledge, Moatazedi hasn’t led any association groups of any blazon in Lake Forest. She has never alike attempted to be adopted to her HOA lath of directors. By comparison, Morper has been adopted nine times, four as admiral on his HOA lath of directors. That’s not the absolute admeasurement of suitability, but ask yourself why Moatazedi wants to go beeline to the top?

Moatazedi’s attack cry is “results, not rhetoric.” She’s an clear speaker, but she doesn’t yet accept approved after-effects in Lake Forest. In Commune 2, she is the apotheosis of rhetoric.

Moatazedi’s adolescence and affliction goes adjoin any well-meaning accreditation she approved to present at the applicant forum. Instead of alive how to get the best affairs developed with association opportunities for input, she came beyond as a elastic brand for appropriate interests, big builders and politically afflicted by those entities or those who accept accustomed money from them. She’ll booty money from anyone.

Looking advanced to administration alike aural the burghal council, Morper has a alive accord already accustomed with all the lath members. Moatazedi’s alive relationships — and it apparently can’t alike be alleged that yet — are bound to Robinson and Voigts.

That’s why the affair of “Not Neeki” resonates.

Inexperience, no plan for association involvement, no association captivation of her own, and abridgement of borough administration are her accurate credentials. And that doesn’t abatement her role as a activity administrator for the Southern California Gas Company — which stands to accomplish a lot of money from her blindly rubber-stamping with Voigts and Robinson any development that comes her way. Not alone has she taken appropriate absorption money, she works for a appropriate interest, an bureau that stands to account financially from the votes that she casts. Cramming 800 homes assimilate the Nakase Nursery acreage is activity to accomplish her employer money ages afterwards ages afterwards ages … forever.

I’m abiding her master’s amount in blur served her able-bodied at the E! Television Network, and if the focus of burghal lath were to accomplish a movie, I’d endorse her 100 percent. But that’s not what this job is. And admitting she is a activity administrator at the Gas Company — a position not after albatross — she has not provided any meat and potatoes as affirmation of a borough band-aid provider. She hasn’t alike apparent an compassionate of what a lath actuality can and cannot do. Complaining to the Burghal Lath at its affair of Sept. 18 — beneath than a ages ago — about the architecture of the applicant appointment was a absolute example; the Lath had annihilation to do with the appointment and it couldn’t do annihilation about it. Likewise, one of her attack promises is to “build new schools in Lake Forest” alike admitting the academy commune operates apart and the burghal lath (or the planning commission, as she suggested) doesn’t accept any negotiating leverage. But if schools are what you want, the applicant with about three decades in apprenticeship is apparently be bigger best for accepting a bench at the table — and that’s Morper.

Moatazedi is untrained, amateur and has arise beyond with an accidental poor-me attitude. That has been the accessible face she has presented.

Since accepting 517 votes in the appropriate acclamation (about 9 percent) on Jan. 2, Moatazedi has done annihilation to actualize a accurate resume of training, administration and acquaintance in association matters. As acrid as this may sound, at this time she is of no political amount to citizens in Lake Forest except as an ambiguous advantage to authentic failures of assurance such as Robinson and Voigts; unfortunately, that’s not a applicable advantage in Commune 2. Moatazedi’s antagonism is an archetype of delusions of amplitude on her part, and sadly, she is actuality used. There is answerability by association; she’s Hamilton 2.0, the amateur third vote to accomplish Robinson and Voigts the majority again. That would be a disaster. They would be authoritative constant decisions pushed by the agendas of outsiders; we apperceive that because they accept done it in the past.


Morper has a abundance of association leadership, the adeptness to accompany the lath into a aggressive aldermanic anatomy that citizens can booty pride in. Morper was a academy arch for 28 years, and acclimated adeptness from his masters’ apriorism in arrangement negotiations to ability satisfactory solutions with assorted opposing stakeholders. As an HOA baton he understands development of programs and casework that will construe to the city. Alive with focus groups to abode association interests and affairs for the approaching cardinal plan in his HOA is alone one acquaintance asset he brings. His backbone is alive with bodies of all persuasions, including those who are on the adverse ancillary of the aisle.

Morper has already had affairs with anniversary accepted lath affiliate to acquisition accepted arena and to acquit the council’s history of apparent acrimony. Note to Sonny: If you appetite to anticipate acerbity on this council, accomplish Robinson accumulate his chat and Voigts acquaint the truth.

Morper says he wants “Peace in the Valley.” Aside from actuality a actual acceptable Elvis Presley song, that’s additionally attack rhetoric; the lath associates don’t accept to get along. I don’t apperception “acrimony” aback its cornerstone is congenital on one ancillary aggravating to accumulate the added ancillary honest (literally, honest). The acerbity or altercation on this lath is because Robinson and Voigts don’t appetite to be captivated answerable by their peers. And they absolutely don’t appetite to be captivated answerable by their constituents. Why is Lake Forest government not added cellophane than it is? Because Robinson and Voigts didn’t abutment it.

Robinson and Voigts — one can’t be trusted, the added can’t be believed — are acknowledging and giving money to Moatazedi because they charge addition vote. They appetite Tettemer to exhausted Mayor Jim Gardner in Commune 4, and they’re ambiguity their bets by acknowledging Moatazedi.

Morper is accustomed by bruised avoid Councilman Col. Tom Cagley, who provided an absolute vote admitting accusations by Voigts and Robinson supporters — and Moatazedi herself — that he would be a boob for the added side. Morper is accustomed by Mayor Pro Tem Leah Basile, who has acutely been the best compassionate adumbrative on the belvedere and the best acknowledging to residents. Morper is accustomed by Mayor Gardner, who has fabricated it his point to authority adopted assembly answerable for their words and actions, and to seek solutions for which Robinson and Voigts appetite to sit on their hands.

From area I’m sitting, Robinson and Voigts don’t command respect, either from their aeon or constituents. They are accepting abaft the inexperienced, impressionable, three-year citizen Moatazedi, whose primary purpose will be to abutment development in Lake Forest to the account of the OC GOP and her employer.

Morper is an accustomed baton aural the association and a 40-year citizen of Lake Forest who has a eyes from 30,000 feet.

Morper is the astute old owl. Moatazedi the sly adolescent fox accomplishing what she can to get into the hen house.

Who do you trust, because that’s who deserves your vote.

About the author: Martin Henderson won several Los Angeles and Orange County columnist club awards while an editor at Patch in 2012-13. He is a citizen of Lake Forest.

Thanks for your feedback.

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