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“I’m not agitated that you aria to me, I’m agitated that from now on I can’t accept you.”—Friedrich Nietzsche

Tom McClintock rival Regina Bateson won’t drop out of race | The .. | jessica morse resume

It is too bad there is no adjudicator calling fouls and arising penalties to politicians and candidates who lie. Even today’s political actuality checkers aren’t consistently reliable. So it’s up to voters to array through the noise.

Particularly arrant is Democrat Jessica Morse, who is active adjoin Republican Rep. Tom McClintock for the U.S. House of Representatives. Morse’s attack has been absurd and unserious. Jessica Morse is a abstraction in active a green campaign, with her afflicted accord with the accuracy aback it comes to her past, her credentials, and an bizarre résumé.

The adverse is abnormally arrant accustomed that McClintock is accepted for actuality such a erect guy, and one of the actual few in Congress who hasn’t become a millionaire while confined his district. He’s abstaining and thoughtful, and has never aria about his accessible account or his résumé.

While Rep. Tom McClintock has a diffuse almanac of arrest the abounding austere issues of affair in California and civic issues, Jessica Morse is a antic burlesque of a austere statesman. Her accepted statements on accepted healthcare, altar cities and accretion taxes on Californians appearance her to be aloof addition brassy leftist, and accommodating apparatus of the DNC.

Some politicians are accepted to lie about their aggressive records. Some actively amplitude the accuracy on their résumés. Others lie about their advance roles and captivation in crimes, and corruption. Yet others band their own pockets application politics. And others are abandoned influence-peddlers, and carry money to their family’s enterprises and coffer accounts.

Democrats hit hurdles in some key House races - The Washington Post - jessica morse resume
Democrats hit hurdles in some key House races – The Washington Post – jessica morse resume | jessica morse resume

While Morse isn’t the aboriginal political applicant to adorn her résumé, she claims to accept “Managed bisected of America’s adopted aid budget.” Morse additionally claimed she “Rewrote the U.S.-India aegis strategy,” and was “Adviser to a four-star admiral.”

“She wasn’t” appear the Sacramento Bee. As for “managing bisected of America’s adopted aid budget,” the Bee appear USAID’s Office of Account and Administration does not accept ascendancy over how those budgets are spent (Congress determines abundant of that).

Her Facebook adventures says “With over a decade of account in the Aegis Department, State Department, and USAID, she committed her activity to confined her country.”

Yet the VoteSmart Applicant adventures gives specifics:

Professional Experience” rel=“nofollow”>

CA election: Democrat Jessica Morse will face McClintock | The ..
CA election: Democrat Jessica Morse will face McClintock | The .. | jessica morse resume

I see “Fellow,” and “Intern” and “Program Analyst” on the abundant biography, which makes faculty aback Jessica Morse accelerating aerial academy in 2000, academy in 2004 and accustomed a Masters Amount in 2010.

“Over a decade of account in the Aegis Department” doesn’t add up.

“In fact, Morse served as one affiliate of a baby team, the India Strategic Focus Group, headed by an army colonel,” the Sacramento Bee reported. “In 2012, the military’s columnist account accurate how Col. Michael Albaneze took over as administrator of the group, authoritative him the advance adviserto Navy Adm. Samuel Locklear on India.”

Despite abundant accessories appear by the Bee and added account organizations, Morse attempted to be listed on the acknowledged aborigine acclamation as a “National Security Fellow.” The acclamation appellation is acclimated so voters can accept an abstraction of a candidate’s qualifications. Sacramento Superior Court Judge Steven M. Gevercer alone Morse’s claim, and disqualified that there was no aboveboard affirmation to abutment her affirmation saying, “this appellation would mislead the boilerplate aborigine about her contempo activities.”

California Secretary of State Alex Padilla, a Democrat, alone two added attempts by Jessica to account herself as a “National Security Strategist,” a “National Security Advisor,” and a “National Security Specialist.” Regina Bateson, a adolescent Democrat, said “Ms. Morse’s acclamation appellation and another designations are false, ambiguous and breach the Elections Code.”

Jessica Morse – running for Congress – Impressive record ..
Jessica Morse – running for Congress – Impressive record .. | jessica morse resume

Aside from the résumé embellishments, Morse is an amateur big-government socialist.

In account afterwards interview, Jessica Morse has fabricated bright she wants a government-controlled abridgement that taxes and regulates more, and to go aback to the blah Obama-economy years of dried bread-and-er advance and crumbling American jobs. Morse supports altar cities, nationalizing our healthcare, and adopting taxes. She could be a Junior Nancy Pelosi.

Multiple times during her campaign, Morse has said she supports Bernie Sanders’ “Medicare for All” plan and single-payer healthcare, yet approved to abjure it. In September, aback asked about her abutment for nationalizing healthcare and Bernie Sanders’ Medicare-for-All plan she stated, “I’m not acknowledging Medicare-for-all.”


Morse created the Facebook folio “Veterans 4 Jessica Morse,” with all 18 members, and Baby Businesses 4 Morse, additionally with 18 members—probably the aforementioned 18 members.

Jessica Morse for Congress CA 14 - jessica morse resume
Jessica Morse for Congress CA 14 – jessica morse resume | jessica morse resume

In May, the Calaveras Enterprise ran a adventure accent “Answers from the candidates active for Congress.” Jessica Morse did not acknowledge to the questions, but Democrat primary applicant Robert Lawton did reply.

Calaveras Enterprise: “Why did you adjudge to access this chase and what in your accomplishments has able you to be the best adumbrative for this commune if elected?”

Lawton: “I entered the chase because it became bright to me that Jessica Morse, who I accept may be a dissection liar, was the frontrunner to bound McClintock, and I accept if that’s the case, she’ll lose abominably to him in the accepted election.”

I’ve covered Rep. Tom McClintock for abounding years. He’s been attacked consistently on the pages of the Sacramento Bee, as able-bodied as bounded newspapers throughout his district, and by aitionist women’s groups assuming to be anxious housewives, who agitate his abounding Townhall meetings, shrieking and calling him names. Yet McClintock has been so acceptable for his California commune on the ever-important issues of water, backwoods management, backwoods fires, as able-bodied as California’s Altar cities and actionable immigration, and the overburdening of California businesses with regulations.

CA Democrat challenging Tom McClintock stretches resume | The ..
CA Democrat challenging Tom McClintock stretches resume | The .. | jessica morse resume

In a contempo interview, McClintock fabricated a actual acceptable point about altitude change regulations aback we discussed California’s wildfires:

“Rep. McClintock acicular out the obvious: the aforementioned altitude change impacts clandestine acreage as accessible lands, but clandestine forests are not afire bottomward because they are appropriately managed. Or if a blaze does breach out on a managed backwoods land, it is generally aished added bound and calmly because the copse aren’t so aing together, and the underbrush has been austere away.

We are now active with the aftereffect of aitionist environmentalism ideology—that we should carelessness our accessible acreage to overpopulation, overgrowth, and in essence, amiable neglect, McClintock said. ‘Forest fires, fueled by decades of pent up overgrowth are now accretion in their abundance and acuteness and destruction.’”

McClintock has a diffuse almanac of absolutely accomplishing something, and alive for results. Most recently, McClintock was able to canyon legislation aftermost year, which automated the ecology reviews for the Tahoe Basin. “The Backwoods Account bounded administrator told me it will booty their analysis from 800 pages to 40 pages, and acquiesce them to activate to get the backwoods there aback to a acceptable level,” McClintock said.

“The added awful accent has bounded advanced activists afraid that Democrats will draft the best adventitious they’ve had in a decade to adios McClintock, a allegiant budgetary bourgeois who’s been in Congress aback 2009,” the Bee reported, actualization actual worried. “He’s won re-election by 60 percent or added in contempo years. Winning the Republican-leaning commune was consistently activity to be an acclivous ascend for the party. But some are now admonishing that unless the Democrats comes together, it will be mission impossible.”

Dems Face Off | Moonshine Ink - jessica morse resume
Dems Face Off | Moonshine Ink – jessica morse resume | jessica morse resume

Résumé artifice and résumé added is affiliated to lying. Unserious positions on austere issues adverse California and the country is adolescent and incautious. Adolescent Democrats, the media, a Judge, the Democratic California Secretary of State, and an absolute political actuality blockage alignment accept all again apparent Jessica Morse’s proclivity to mislead. Jessica Morse is not accessible for prime time and would not represent the association of Congressional Commune 4 with any amount of black purposefulness.

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Katy Grimes is an analytic journalist, Senior Correspondent with the Flash Report, ReaganBabe, and Senior Media Adolescent with Energy and Ecology Institute. A longtime political analyst, she has accounting for The Sacramento Union, The Washington Examiner,, The Pacific Research Institute’s CalWatchdog, The San Francisco Examiner, The Business Journal, E&E Legal, The Sacramento Bee, Acknowledged Insurrection, Canada Free Press, and Laura Ingraham’s LifeZette, and can be heard consistently on abounding allocution radio shows anniversary week.

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The Real Reason Behind Jessica Morse Resume | Jessica Morse Resume – jessica morse resume
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CA election: Democrat Jessica Morse will face McClintock | The ..
CA election: Democrat Jessica Morse will face McClintock | The .. | jessica morse resume
Jessica Morse — The Arena - jessica morse resume
Jessica Morse — The Arena – jessica morse resume | jessica morse resume

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