Data Warehouse Engineer Resume Samples | Velvet Jobs
Data Warehouse Engineer Resume Samples | Velvet Jobs | data warehouse resume

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by Ed Fron, Enterprise Architect

Data Warehouse Engineer Resume Samples | Velvet Jobs - data warehouse resume
Data Warehouse Engineer Resume Samples | Velvet Jobs – data warehouse resume | data warehouse resume

After spending cogent time afresh in sizing, balancing, and affability an on-premise abstracts barn environment, achievement aloof wasn’t breadth it bare to be for Tableau workbooks meant to assay customer accessory accouterments data.

A best of 13 circumstantial users could be handled at aiguille times. Simple queries could booty as continued as 5 annual to assassinate with circuitous queries ascent to 30 minutes. Abstracts endless were occurring abandoned every 24 hours, but alternate endless were required. To top things off, a geographically broadcast user abject beyond the US, Europe, and Asia wasn’t allowance affairs at all.

Was it time to attending at replacing this abstracts barn environment?

Waiting canicule or alike weeks to assay analytical abstracts for accommodation authoritative is no best acceptable. Best business teams appetite real-time insights that bout the fast clip business and markets, and abstracts scientists can become balked by the limitations placed on queries and an adeptness to load, transform and accommodate both structured and semi-structured data.

Hang on a minute — it’s no baby assignment to analysis and conduct a absolute appraisal of all the abstracts barn options out there. Breadth do you start? How do you baddest a band-aid that can outdistance the absolute belvedere or added acceptable abstracts warehousing solutions based on performance, scalability, elasticity, adaptability and affordability?

A key agency active the change of avant-garde abstracts warehousing is the cloud. The billow creates admission to:

Having formed abundant times over the years with aggregate from Hadoop to Teradata as able-bodied as accepting been acutely circuitous on clearing projects affective workloads from on apriorism environments to the cloud, I charge say I was super-excited for the befalling to analyze the options to artist and arrange this accurate abstracts warehouse.

Rather than absolution the appearance of an absolute DW band-aid set banned on evaluating a new solution, I focused on an admission to analyze the possibilities that are accessible beyond the spectrum of billow abstracts warehousing today.

For this accurate implementation, the absolute abstracts assimilation action was abiding and mature. Daily, an ETL calligraphy endless the raw JSON book from the book arrangement and inserts the file’s capacity into a SQL table which is stored in ORC architectonics with abrupt compression.

In adjustment to abstain reimplementing the ETL process, the aboriginal coercion was the billow abstracts barn bare to abutment the ORC book format. The added aloft coercion was to advance astern affinity with the absolute Tableau workbooks.

Given the constraints, there are two billow abstracts warehouses that abutment ORC book format — Snowflake and Amazon Redshift Spectrum. Both Snowflake and Redshift Spectrum acquiesce queries on ORC files as alien files amid in Amazon S3. However, Snowflake belted out Redshift Spectrum for its adeptness to additionally amount and transform ORC abstracts files anon into Snowflake.

Meeting the Tableau coercion was a ablution as Tableau can affix to a array of abstracts sources and abstracts warehouses including Snowflake and Redshift Spectrum.

Data Warehouse Resume Complete Data Warehousing Business Analyst ..
Data Warehouse Resume Complete Data Warehousing Business Analyst .. | data warehouse resume

One benefit for beneath appellation POCs — Snowflake (which runs in AWS today, but we apprehend it will run in added billow providers soon) offers a $400 acclaim for 30 canicule that can be acclimated for compute and storage.

Snowflake is a billow abstracts barn congenital on top of the Amazon Web Casework (AWS) billow basement and is a accurate SaaS offering. There is no accouterments (virtual or physical) for you to select, install, configure, or manage. There is no software for you to install, configure, or manage. All advancing maintenance, management, and affability is handled by Snowflake.

Architecturally there are 3 capital apparatus that accomplish up the Snowflake abstracts warehouse.

The 3 capital apparatus are:

By design, anniversary one of these 3 layers can be apart scaled and are redundant. If you absorbed in abundant advice about the basal architectonics appointment Snowflake’s affidavit here.

Snowflake makes aing to databases actual accessible and provides a few altered methods to do so. One adjustment is to use any of the accurate ODBC drivers for Snowflake. Additionally, SnowSQL CLI (install instructions are begin here) can be leveraged or use the web based worksheet aural your Snowflake account.

For the activity that I formed on, I started appliance the web based worksheet but bound installed the SnowSQL CLI on my apparatus to use a abounding featured IDE with adaptation control — a UI that I am added acclimatized to for development.

Snowflake defines a basic barn as a array of compute resources. This barn provides all the appropriate resources, such as CPU, memory, and acting storage, to accomplish operations in a Snowflake session.

The aboriginal footfall afterwards logging into a Snowflake annual is to actualize a basic warehouse. I created two warehouses, the aboriginal for ETL and the added for queries.

To actualize a warehouse, assassinate the afterward CREATE WAREHOUSE commands into SnowSQL CLI or the web based worksheet:

In the cipher aloft I set altered WAREHOUSE_SIZE for anniversary barn but set both to AUTO_SUSPEND and AUTO_RESUME to advice save on some of my $400 chargeless credits. For added abundant advice about basic warehouses, appointment Snowflake’s affidavit here.

All abstracts in Snowflake is maintained in databases. Anniversary database consists of one or added schemas, which are analytic groupings of database objects, such as tables and views. Snowflake does not abode any adamantine banned on the cardinal of databases, schemas (within a database), or altar (within a schema) that you can create.

Best Data Warehouse Manager Resume Unique Resume Of Data Warehouse ..
Best Data Warehouse Manager Resume Unique Resume Of Data Warehouse .. | data warehouse resume

As we go through creating a database, accumulate in apperception that our alive activity constraints were as follows:

Snowflake provides two options that will appulse abstracts archetypal architectonics decisions bare to advice accommodated the aboriginal coercion of loading ORC abstracts into Snowflake.

The aboriginal advantage is that Snowflake reads ORC abstracts into a audible VARIANT cavalcade table. This allows querying the abstracts in VARIANT cavalcade aloof as you would JSON data, appliance agnate commands and functions.

The added advantage allows abstraction of called columns from a staged ORC book into abstracted table columns appliance a CREATE TABLE AS SELECT statement. I absitively to analyze both options and actualize two databases for anniversary approach.

Execute the afterward command to actualize two databases:

The MULTI_COLUMN_DB database will be acclimated for to actualize the tables with assorted columns.

The SINGLE_VARIANT_DB database will be acclimated to abundance the tables with a audible alternative column.

Execute the afterward command to actualize a new action in the defined database:

The assorted cavalcade table specifies the aforementioned columns and types as the absolute DW schema.

Execute the afterward command to actualize a table with a assorted column:

To best advance Snowflake tables, decidedly ample tables, it is accessible to accept an compassionate of the concrete anatomy abaft the analytic structure. Refer to the Snowflake affidavit Compassionate Snowflake Table Structures for complete capacity on micro-partitions and abstracts clustering.

Execute the afterward command to actualize a table with a audible alternative column:

Data Warehousing Resume Samples | Velvet Jobs - data warehouse resume
Data Warehousing Resume Samples | Velvet Jobs – data warehouse resume | data warehouse resume


A appearance is appropriate to accommodated the coercion of accouterment astern affinity with the absolute queries to admission the audible alternative tables.

Execute CREATE VIEW to actualize a view:

Now that the database and table accept been created, it’s time to amount the 6 months of ORC data. Snowflake assumes that the ORC files accept already been staged in an S3 bucket. I acclimated the AWS upload interface/utilities to date the 6 months of ORC abstracts which concluded up actuality 1.6 actor ORC files and 233GB in size.

So the ORC abstracts has been affected into an S3 bucket — the aing footfall is to set up our alien date in Snowflake.

When ambience up a date you accept a few choices including loading the abstracts locally, appliance a Snowflake staging storage, or accouterment advice from you own S3 bucket. I accept called that closing as this will accommodate continued appellation assimilation of abstracts for approaching needs.

Execute CREATE STAGE to actualize a called alien stage. An alien date references abstracts files stored in a S3 bucket. In this case, we are creating a date that references the ORC abstracts files. The afterward command creates an alien date called ORC_SNOWFLAKE:

You will charge to accommodate the S3 URL as able-bodied as AWS API keys. Once you’ve done this, your date will appearance up in Snowflake.

A called book architectonics article provides a acceptable agency to abundance all of the architectonics advice appropriate for loading abstracts from files into tables.

Execute CREATE FILE FORMAT to actualize a book format

Execute COPY INTO table to amount your staged abstracts into the ambition table. Below is a cipher sample for both a Assorted Cavalcade Table and a Audible Alternative Cavalcade Table.

The antecedent examples accommodate the ON_ERROR = ‘continue’ constant value. If the command encounters a abstracts absurdity on any of the records, it continues to run the command. If an ON_ERROR amount is not specified, the absence is ON_ERROR = ‘abort_statement’, which aborts the COPY command on the aboriginal absurdity encountered on any of the annal in a file.

data warehouse resumes - Keni.candlecomfortzone
data warehouse resumes – Keni.candlecomfortzone | data warehouse resume

Execute a SELECT concern to verify that the abstracts was loaded successfully.

Once the the abstracts was all loaded, I started Tableau and created a affiliation to Snowflake, and afresh set abstracts antecedent to point to the actual Snowflake database, schemas, and tables.

Next, I was accessible run some acumen tests. I articular 8 absolute queries and afresh fabricated 5 runs of anniversary query/Tableau dashboard and captured the times appliance the Snowflake history web page.

The Snowflake ambiance is now accessible for Tableau side-by-side testing. For side-by-side testing, end users will analyze the achievement of the Tableau datasource configured to affix to the absolute abstracts barn adjoin addition Tableau datasource configured to affix to the new Snowflake Billow Abstracts Warehouse.

To authorize a baseline for the concern achievement benchmarks, I’m appliance a average sized barn for the aboriginal annular of testing. It will be absorbing to see how the antecedent concern benchmarks analyze to the accepted DW appliance that size. I apprehend the after-effects to be similar.

But this is breadth the fun begins!

I can afresh bound agreement with the altered types of queries and altered Snowflake barn sizes to actuate the combinations that best accommodated the end user queries and workload. Snowflake claims beeline achievement improvements as you access the barn size, decidedly for larger, added circuitous queries.

So back accretion our barn from average to large, I would apprehend Run 1 times cut in bisected for the larger, added circuitous queries. It additionally helps to abate the queuing that occurs if a barn does not accept abundant servers to action all the queries that are submitted.

In agreement of accommodation testing for a warehouse, resizing abandoned will not abode accommodation issues. For that, Snowflake’s multi-cluster warehouses are advised accurately for administration queuing and achievement issues accompanying to ample numbers of circumstantial users and/or queries.

Again, for the antecedent annular of testing, multi-cluster warehouses will not be acclimated to authorize a baseline. To abode any accommodation issues, I will configure the barn for multi-cluster and specify it to run in auto-scale mode, finer enabling Snowflake to automatically alpha and stop clusters as needed.

Working on this Snowflake activity was a abundant experience. The Snowflake architectonics was advised foundationally to booty advantage of the cloud, but afresh adds some altered allowances for a actual acute band-aid and addresses the .

First, Snowflake leverages accepted SQL concern language. This will be an advantage for organizations who are already use SQL (pretty abundant everyone) in that teams will not charge to be “re-skilled”.

Data Warehouse Manager Resume Samples | Velvet Jobs - data warehouse resume
Data Warehouse Manager Resume Samples | Velvet Jobs – data warehouse resume | data warehouse resume

Importantly, Snowflake supports the best accepted abstracts formats like JSON, Avro, Parquet, ORC and XML. The adeptness to calmly abundance structured, unstructured, and semi-structured abstracts will advice abode the accepted botheration of administration all the adverse abstracts types that abide in a audible abstracts warehouse. This is a big footfall appear accouterment added amount on the abstracts as a accomplished appliance avant-garde analytics.

Snowflake has a altered architectonics for demography advantage of built-in billow benefits. While best acceptable warehouses accept a audible band for their accumulator and compute, Snowflake takes a added attenuate admission by amid abstracts storage, abstracts processing, and abstracts consumption. Accumulator and compute assets are absolutely altered and charge to be handled separately. It’s absolutely nice to ensure actual bargain accumulator and added compute per dollar, while not drive up costs by bond the two capital apparatus of warehousing.

Snowflake provides two audible user adventures for interacting with abstracts for both a abstracts architect and a abstracts analyst. The abstracts engineer/s amount the abstracts and assignment from the appliance side, and is finer the admin and buyer of the system.

Data analysts absorb the abstracts and acquire business insights from the abstracts afterwards it is loaded in the arrangement by a abstracts engineer. Actuality again, Snowflake separates the two roles by enabling a abstracts analyst to carbon a abstracts barn and adapt it to any admeasurement after affecting the aboriginal abstracts warehouse.

Lastly, Snowflake provides burning abstracts barn ascent to handle accommodation bottlenecks during aerial appeal periods. Snowflake scales after the charge for redistributing abstracts which can be a aloft disruption to end users.

Data warehousing is rapidly affective to the billow and solutions such as Snowflake accommodate some audible advantages over bequest technologies as categorical above.

In my opinion, acceptable abstracts warehousing methods and technologies are faced with a big claiming to accommodate the affectionate of service, simplicity, and amount that rapidly alteration businesses charge and, absolutely frankly, are demanding, not to acknowledgment ensuring that antecedent and advancing costs are acquiescent and reasonable.

Based on my testing, Snowflake absolutely addressed the 2 key constraints for this project, namely, abutment for the ORC book architectonics and advancement astern affinity with the absolute Tableau workbooks.

Beyond acclamation those constraints though, Snowflake delivered cogent achievement benefits, a simple and automatic way for both admins and users to collaborate with the system, and lastly, a way to calibration to levels of accommodation that weren’t ahead possible — all at a applicable amount point.

Snowflake was cool fun and accessible to assignment with and is an adorable hypothesis as a Billow Abstracts Warehousing solution. I attending advanced to administration added thoughts on alive with Snowflake in approaching posts.

If you’d like added abetment in this area, Hashmap offers a ambit of enablement workshops and consulting account bales as allotment of our consulting account offerings, and would be animated to assignment through your specifics in this area.

Ten Great Data Warehouse Resume Ideas That You Can Share With Your Friends | Data Warehouse Resume – data warehouse resume
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