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Reliq Bloom Technologies Inc. (OTCQB:RQHTF) Q4 2018 Earnings Appointment Alarm October 30, 2018 11:00 AM ET

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Resume Writing Services With Guarantee | 15 Things Your Boss Needs .. | guaranteed resume writing services


Lisa Crossley – CEO

Aman Thindal – CFO


Lisa Crossley

Good morning, everyone. Acknowledge you for aing us on our anniversary call. This is Lisa Crossley, the CEO at Reliq Bloom Technologies, and this is our Fourth Division 2018 Appointment Call. I’m additionally aing on the alarm by our Chief Banking Officer, Aman Thindal; acknowledge you for aing us both to analysis the banking after-effects of Reliq Bloom Technologies Inc. for the anniversary and fourth division of budgetary year 2018 which assured June 30, 2018. As I said, adumbrative of the aggregation today will be myself, Lisa Crossley, the Chief Executive Officer, and Aman Thindal, Chief Banking Officer.

At the cessation of today’s able remarks, we will accessible the alarm for questions but afore we activate with any of our able animadversion we are adapted to abide for the almanac the afterward statement. This appointment alarm may accommodate advanced statements; advanced statements abode approaching contest and conditions, and accordingly absorb inherent risks and uncertainties. Absolute after-effects may alter materially from those currently advancing in such statements. Such admonition is accountable to accepted and alien risks, uncertainties and added factors that could admission absolute after-effects or events, and account absolute after-effects or contest to alter materially from those stated, advancing or adumbrated in the advanced information. Readers are cautioned not to abode disproportionate assurance on advanced admonition as no assurances can be accustomed as approaching after-effects levels aback to or achievements.

So acknowledge you for sitting still during this [indiscernible]. I’ll now about-face it over to Aman Thindal, he is activity to admission today’s alarm with the abundant analysis of the financials; afterward which I’ll accommodate a arbitrary of the key questions we’ve accustomed from shareholders in contempo canicule and the company’s responses. Already I’ve assured my able remarks, we’ll accessible the alarm to questions from analysts.

Aman, over to you.

Aman Thindal

Thank you, Lisa. Acceptable morning and acknowledge you for demography the time to tune into our budgetary 2018 anniversary after-effects appointment call. I’d like to alpha by acclamation the company’s account absolution that was anachronous October 16, 2018, breadth it was appear that afterward antecedent analysis by the company’s auditor, analysis lath and myself, it was bent that the timing and authoritativeness of accepting revenues that were invoiced to audience was unclear; accordingly the aggregation was evaluating whether it would recapitulate it’s budgetary third division catastrophe on March 31, 2018, and that we would not be advertisement assets for the fourth or budgetary fourth division until the acquirement collections issues could be resolved.

After added chat amid the accountant and the company, it was bent that budgetary third division catastrophe March 31, 2018 did not charge to be restated but the aggregation would admit the write-off of ahead accustomed acquirement in the budgetary fourth quarter. The company’s acquirement acceptance action requires that all the afterward altitude be met. The aggregation charge accept transferred cogent accident and rewards to the client. Aggregation does not absorb continuing authoritative involvement. The bulk of acquirement can be anxiously measured, it is apparent that the bread-and-er allowances associated with the trans-action will breeze to the company. The bulk incurred or to be incurred can be anxiously measured.

At the time the acquirement was appear in March 31, 2018, the aggregation believed that accustomed all the admonition it had available, it had met all about the acquirement acceptance conditions. However, as the aggregation able for it’s analysis the affair of the anticipation of whether the bread-and-er account associated with the transaction put advanced to the aggregation became unclear, and accordingly created an affair apropos the bulk of acquirement that could be anxiously measured. After several discussions with our auditor, our analysis lath fabricated the advocacy to the Lath to write-off ahead accustomed acquirement and the accommodation not to abode acquirement for division four as the aggregation did not accept acceptable afterimage into the collectability of the revenues. Our Lath of Directors in an accomplishment to be advisable has absitively that the aggregation will not abode revenues for Q4 budgetary 2018 and consecutive until the collectability issues can be resolved.

Now, I would like to about-face the focus over to the anniversary highlights. As of June 30, the aggregation had a able banknote position of $9.8 actor with an added $123,000 in appellation deposits. The aggregation has over $2 actor in account of alien accommodating ecology accessories in alteration which is reflected on our antithesis breadth at the anniversary as a prepaid amount because the aggregation had not taken control of the accessory for that budgetary year. As of today, October 30, the aggregation continues to advance a able banknote position of about $6.8 million. During the budgetary year end, the aggregation did abode abundant accident of $13,796,551 but I’d like to point out that $7.9 actor of that accident was for non-cash payments accompanying to the arising of abettor banal options, options that were issued to consultants allowance with business development, as able-bodied as abettor warrants and advantage warrants issued during the two agent clandestine placements completed in the year or completed this budgetary year I should say.

In budgetary Q4, the accountant adapted their ahead affected share-based advantage for changes investing, as able-bodied as alteration variables application The Black-Scholes archetypal which resulted in a $2.6 actor acclimation at division four. In addition, I aloof appetite to point out that the amount is abundant above this year because options were issued at abundant college prices. For example; the abounding boilerplate of bargain outstanding at budgetary 27 was alone $0.14 against $0.83 now. The bake amount has added in division four and consecutive of the aggregation added artefact and development assets to body in all of the appearance our audience adapted in our platform. Now that the belvedere is abiding and affection complete, the bake amount will appear bottomward decidedly due to the abridgement in resources. In addition, the aggregation will be accumulation operations in the Toronto breadth to advance ability and abate cost.

At June 30, 2018 the aggregation had 24 actor warrants outstanding, of these 13.6 actor warrants are exercisable at $0.25 or beneath which would advance to a banknote in-fall of about $2.55 actor if these are all exercised. The aggregation does ahead that the majority of the 7.4 actor warrants exercisable at $0.20 which expires in February 2019 actuality exercised. Therefore, the aggregation believes that it has acceptable run amount to accomplish through 2019.

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Resume Writing Services With Guarantee | 15 Things Your Boss Needs .. | guaranteed resume writing services

One added account I would like to abode is that from our consecutive events, addendum in the banking statements and the MD&A is that, our aggregation is acquainted of a accusation filed in the arctic commune of Texas allotment both, our aloft Chief Visionary Officer in Reliq. After accepting the admonition from the company’s acknowledged advisors, the aggregation believes the affirmation has no arete and that there was no charge to set a funds for this matter.

I would like to accomplish by adage that the aggregation will not be accouterment advice at this time but Lisa will accommodate some insights into the activity of barter and the company’s plan to advance afterimage in acquirement accumulating activity forward.

Thank you for your time and your support. I will now canyon the alarm aback to Lisa. Acknowledge you.

Lisa Crossley

Thank you, Aman. So we’ve accustomed a cardinal of questions from shareholders about a few accepted affair aback the columnist of October 16. These accurately complex two primary points; one is questions about the axiological activity of the company’s business model, and the added point was actually the accomplishments the aggregation is demography to ensure acknowledged beheading activity forward. So I’m activity to abode these believability activity forward.

And in agreement of aloof the basal activity of the company’s business model, bethink that from the actual alpha aback we started this adventure together, the absolute disciplinarian abaft the company’s amount hypothesis is the actuality that 80% of healthcare spending in the developed nations goes to abiding ache patients. The alone way to advisedly abate healthcare costs in these country is to focus on these patients, both in the U.S. with Medicare & Medicaid, and in Canada with our government subsidized healthcare, and about the apple in the developed nations healthcare spending is extensive believability breadth it’s above 15% of country’s GDP, it’s at an unsustainable levels, so it’s actually analytical for all of the affidavit in the assorted healthcare systems common to abate costs and that has become actually from this accurate accommodating population.

And attractive at the States accurately as that will abide to be our better bazaar activity forward; the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Casework accept been consistently accretion allotment and abacus new advertisement codes to drive affliction from the amount of astute affliction ambience to the community. In 2017, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Casework absorb over $1.4 abundance on abiding ache patients, they are dedicating allotment to proactive affliction in the association because that has the abeyant to abate that spending by actually hundreds of billions of dollars, and they can contrarily unsustainable arrangement viable; so this is not article that’s activity away, this not a acting trend, we’re activity to see affiliated spending and in actuality continuing increases in budgets adherent to the affliction that we buck and through Reliq Bloom Technologies because that’s what keeps patients advantageous at home and out of the hospital, and in the hospital is breadth you actually acquire these cogent costs that at the end of the year are amounting to $1.4 abundance for Medicare & Medicaid, 94% of which is due to abiding ache patients.

So wherein the all-embracing citizenry 80% of healthcare costs are accompanying to abiding ache patients with the Medicare & Medicaid population, accurately it’s 94%. So they are very, actual motivated to attending at new models for affliction and agreement about that population.

Accordingly, advantage models for clinicians through Medicare & Medicaid, and in actuality alike through the insurers are added actuality angry to accommodating bloom outcomes, and the alone way to actually accept cogent appulse on accommodating bloom outcomes in these abiding ache patients is to advance admission to affliction for alien rural and accessible population, and to accommodate added abutment in the home coaching, accommodating education, alien monitoring, and abutment for medication acquiescence to animate these patients to attach to the medication regiments that accept been assigned for them by their clinicians. And that’s why over the accomplished few years the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Casework accept alien new advertisement codes for alien ecology abiding affliction administration in telemedicine, and those are the advertisement codes that we advantage and that we will abide to advantage activity advanced added finer with some of the new software accoutrement that we accept congenital out over the aftermost ages or so.

And in agreement of the — array of acquirement archetypal for Reliq, our margins are business as predicated on aerial operating advantage as with abounding software companies and that agency that already revenues beat the mainly anchored costs for the accouterment of our services, advantage will calibration up. I’ve ahead said that we apprehend to accomplish margins of aing to 80% or above, one for operating at scale, and we advance that expectation. And absolutely, acutely we’re not operating at aerial margins at the moment but as we calibration up and as the business hits the strides, we actually apprehend to accomplish those actual aerial margins that we anticipation previously.

In agreement of company’s pipeline, we accept a actual able-bodied pipeline, we are advantageous to accept a actual accomplished sales agents who are absorption their efforts abundantly in the United States and to some admeasurement in Australia and Canada, and we accept over 80 able -to-be audience in the activity that are in Florida, Maryland, Indiana, Pennsylvania, Texas and above in added states in the U.S. We additionally accept cogent opportunities in Canada about the Aboriginal Nations population, and you will anamnesis that there are over 600,000 Aboriginal Nations individuals affective on affluence in Canada. And we additionally accept cogent opportunities in Australia that were actually aloof alpha to analyze and capitalize on. And all of the audience in our activity accept accommodating almanac systems that will acquiesce us to predictably aggregate acquirement for every accommodating onboarded that we will be able to prescreen patients for accommodation and to ensure the claims that go in amuse all of the requirements for whichever payer the claims are actuality submitted to.

Going advanced several of our new U.S. audience accept agreed to accomplish themselves accessible to the analyst association as allotment of the due activity action for Reliq investors; and so as we abide to calibration the business, we are actually committed to convalescent accuracy and afterimage for the shareholders and into new audience in the activity and accurately revenue.

I’d like to aloof booty a minute to allocution a little bit about our accepted client. So we accept the advantage of alive with clients, clinicians who are alleviative some of the best accessible patients in the population, their patients are sick, they about accept assorted abiding diseases, they are about elderly, they are about active in alien [indiscernible] that accept bound basement and actual bound admission to affliction aural their own [ph]. Our audience accept adherent their professional, and in abounding cases claimed lives, to allowance these patients and their families instead of advancing potentially beneath challenging, added advantageous arenas for analytic practice. And in our applicant relationships about to business and our audience as the doctors and nurses whose vocation is accommodating care; breadth does in check-ups about onboarding or acquirement collection, the albatross lies with the business allotment of that accord with Reliq, with me; I booty abounding albatross for every blunder that the aggregation has had to-date, it does not lie — the albatross does not lie with these affliction providers.

And belief in online altercation boards about our audience is arbitrary to them, it’s potentially damaging to their practices and it’s actually damaging to our business activity forward. So we would like to acknowledge these audience for their patients, for their loyalty, for the invaluable assignment they do in their communities, and for their commitments to blame the envelope and blame the new and altered means to advance bloom outcomes and abate healthcare costs for their patients, and audience to booty out adventitious on new companies aback they assignment with them and we’ve been very, actual advantageous to accept formed with some actual amorous clinicians who actually affliction about convalescent their clients’ lives, their patients’ lives; and we feel actual advantaged to be ally with them.

In agreement of the beheading for the company, acutely beheading is key and — so activity advanced with account to the aggregation we’ve fabricated a cardinal of cogent changes to the alignment advised to advance beheading activity forward. As abounding of you are aware, we had an appointment in Vancouver, as able-bodied as an appointment in the Greater Toronto Area, Toronto, Hamilton; and we accept assertive aisle in the United States with U.S. based sales bodies and our accomplishing aggregation that’s in the States, about they are wherever we accept audience who are application our accomplishing services. And we are accumulation operations to the Greater Toronto Area, and so no best accept a brand in Vancouver. In the Greater Toronto Breadth we accept myself, the CEO; our CIO, and our Chief Medical Officer, and we’re all based in this area. And accepting our teams circumscribed into this cartography is activity to acquiesce us to admit timing in cellophane communications aural the alignment and to advance accountability.

And it’s activity to actually accord me abundant added of an befalling to accumulate my accoutrements about to the organizations and with anybody is in my backyard as against to accomplish above the country. So this will acquiesce me to accommodate added blank and added advice in circadian operations. And I’d additionally like to point out that from a aggregation angle in agreement of architecture that activity and accepting audience onboarded, we accept an centralized sales aggregation who as I said are abundantly focused on the United States at the moment and absorb best of their time bottomward there. But activity forward, we’re additionally activity to be leveraging about a dozen key assessment leaders in the United States and above who will act potentially as approach ally or finders for us, they will be actively affairs our solutions in barter for actual bashful finder’s fees. And these finders as we alarm them internally are actual able-bodied connected, actual able-bodied admired individuals in the healthcare technology amplitude and will accompany to Reliq a absurd arrangement of audience and patients. And they are alive with us because they actually accept in the band-aid and they believed that it’s best-in-class. I can jump [ph] little bit added on that in the aing question.

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So one of the key issues that we’ve articular is breadth knowledge, and we appetite to ensure that activity advanced we accept all of the breadth ability that we charge in adjustment to absolute abounding articulation to onboarded patients to agreement correctible revenue. So we afresh started to body out a able medical advising aggregation that was consistently in that business plan for the aggregation as we grew that we would add that advising capacity. And we accept now started to body that able medical advising aggregation in the U.S., it consists of clinicians, physicians and healthcare business admiral with a actually abysmal compassionate of the payer models and the claims processes, as able-bodied as a ample arrangement of abeyant Reliq clients; so they will be of abundant account to us, both in managing the audience that we’ve active and in accepting new audience activity forward.

The physicians on our advising lath accept able ties to able-bodied accustomed centers of anesthetic including The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, and [indiscernible] hospital in New York. Our admiral are amid in Florida, Indiana, Maryland, New Jersey, Massachusetts and Texas; which now gives us actual ample ability throughout the United States, as able-bodied as cogent ability and acquaintance in state-by-state variations in Medicaid, claims and reimbursement, and advertisement codes, and nationally with Medicare, as able-bodied as the clandestine allowance bill. And as I mentioned earlier, these admired professionals accept alleged to assignment with Reliq because they accept in what we’re doing, they accept in the amount to society, and they accept that we action a altered and best-in-class band-aid accumulation our alien accommodating ecology and abiding affliction administration capabilities with telemedicines so that we actually do action that trisecta [ph] for the abiding ache accommodating population.

And we will be accouterment investors with added admonition about our medical advising lath in the advancing weeks; so break acquainted for that. And I’d like to say array of about that while I’m aghast with the contempo blunder that put us aback about six to nine months over breadth we’d hoped to be at this point; I don’t see this as catastrophic, I see it as a acting setback, and annihilation has afflicted with the fundamentals of the company’s business model, it’s not that the aggregation casework aren’t reimbursable by Medicare & Medicaid, it’s not that we’re not able to advance new clients, it’s not that we don’t accept a agents who can assassinate on onboarding patients, and there was a assertive abridgement of compassionate of some of the intricacies about Medicare & Medicaid that we accept remedied by bringing in the medical advising board, and we abide to get very, actual absolute accession in the bazaar from -to-be audience who are actual agog about our solution.

We’re activity to the aing two months; I mentioned this on the alarm on Thursday, October 18, which is about a quiet aeon in the United States because of U.S. Thanksgiving and Christmas. To ensure that we are actually able to actually hit the arena active in January 2019, we will ensure that all of our processes are mapped to our audience processes, and that we are able to predictably alike accommodating members, onboard patients to affirmed collectable acquirement so that aback we resume onboarding patients in January we’ll be able to move advanced with active on our plan and with actual predictably allegorical the bazaar of onboarded accommodating numbers and what that will construe to in affirmed collectible revenue.

The key believability I basic to accomplish abiding anybody takes abroad from this alarm is that; although we actually apprehend to aggregate revenues in 2019 and actuality I’m speaking after agenda 2019 because I can’t accept to actually anticipate in agreement of budgetary years. So although we actually apprehend to aggregate revenues in agenda 2019, alike with no acquirement we accept we accept acceptable banknote to booty out through 2019 and beyond. So we are not attractive to go aback to the bazaar to accession capital, and we accept acceptable funds to assassinate on our plan and to accomplish in agenda 2019. We still accept a altered and able technology belvedere that’s awful rated by accepted clients, that’s in-demand by new audience above three countries about the world, and is accustomed as best-in-class by key anticipation leaders in this space.

And we accept a able-bodied activity with over 80 able leads, that’s geographically assorted and steadily growing, and that geographic assortment I anticipate is a actual acceptable accident administration strategies if there are anytime any changes in any affectionate of advertisement model, we accept a lot of altered aisle that will acquiesce the business to abide to advance and to acclimate and move forward.

We abide to accept a committed and amorous aggregation who are lased focused on execution, we accept reorganized responsibilities internally so that’s — we accept actual accomplished assets who are focused on accomplishing and alive with audience about billing, prescreening, affirmation acquiescence and all of that; and so we all abide actually focused on active and carrying amount for our shareholders. And we accept that activity advanced as I said on the alarm on [indiscernible] appearance me company, and we accept that our believability is activity to be abstinent in agreement of acquirement calm from this point on; so we apperceive that we accept to prove ourselves and that’s actually what we’re activity to do, and we’re actual aflame about that and we all durably accept that this aggregation will be a amazing success and that we will buck absurd affliction to patients about the apple who accept ahead been underserved because they’re in alien world, or poor communities, and we will be able to advance admission the affliction and advice outcomes for those patients.

And that’s why we get up in the morning and do what we do. And that business archetypal accustomed that it is buyable and accurate will buck amount to the shareholders. So while this was an adverse and aching blunder and actually article that we would accept admired to avoid, we abide actual bullish on the aggregation and actual aflame about what’s to appear in the advancing years.

So I’d now like to accessible the alarm up for questions if there are — Jimmy [ph] I may charge you to admonish bodies how they band up or how they chain up to ask questions.

Question-and-Answer Session


[Operator Instructions] Our aboriginal catechism comes from [indiscernible].

Unidentified Analyst

So, it looks like I assumption you’ve written-off the acquirement that you accustomed in Q3, so we’ll alarm almost bisected of the acquirement for the year. So does this beggarly I assumption the antithesis or what you accustomed in the aboriginal bisected of the year was actually collected?

Lisa Crossley

That’s correct.

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Unidentified Analyst

And of that $1.1 actor that was written-off, I assumption from my antecedent chat it sounds like acutely you’re still alive through the affidavit issues. Is there — do you accept any faculty on actuality able to aggregate alike a allocation of that or is it — you aloof don’t accept that’s activity to be collectable at all?

Lisa Crossley

So in agreement of that accurate issue, I anticipate Aman batten to that beforehand in the alarm and at this point we aloof don’t accept acceptable afterimage for the lath to feel adequate accouterment any advice on what will ultimately be collectible but acutely we will be in common advice with our shareholders activity forward; so we’ll accumulate anybody adapted on that front.

Unidentified Analyst

And I assumption the timeline you’ve adumbrated is apparently brace of months actuality afore you get aggregate sorted out and hopefully aback on-track in the alpha of aing year?

Lisa Crossley

Yes, we actually apprehend that by January 2019 we’ll about — the way I accept been anecdotic it internally is, axis the assignment [ph] aback on and be able-bodied able to onboard new clients, new patients, and to predictably articulation the onboarded accommodating numbers to affirmed collectible revenue; and acutely that’s not aloof article that we want, our audience appetite that as well, and they don’t get paid unless the applicant acquiescence action goes through [indiscernible]. We’re all actual accumbent in that account and are actual abundant assured that aing year — the agenda year will be very, actual active adapted from January 1.

Unidentified Analyst

And how did you accord the agreement issues with some of your added barter I guess, decidedly the added contempo ones?

Lisa Crossley

No, it’s not activity to be an affair activity forward. I beggarly the absolute affair is, we had to body in some prescreening accoutrement that will acquiesce us to actually accept accommodation before, patients are onboarded and afresh insured through an cyberbanking affirmation acquiescence action that aback claims go in, we provided all of the all-important information; and so our CIO has been alive on actually architecture some of those accoutrement from the blemish and there are accoutrement accessible through Medicare & Medicaid that advice us with prescreening that for now we’re able to access.

Unidentified Analyst

On the bake side, you had some blush there — attractive at breadth it was in Q4 axing [ph] up the stock-based comp, I anticipate it was a bit over $3 actor which is not materially from above-mentioned quarters. Can you allocution about — I assumption breadth the bake amount on a anniversary base is adapted now? I anticipate you’ve talked about a lot of assignment had gone into the platform, I don’t apperceive if what admeasurement you ability accept apparent that. Additionally for authoritativeness into Q1 but you know, affectionate of breadth the bake amount is adapted — I anticipate there is annotation about it actuality lower. So any blush you can accommodate there be great.

Lisa Crossley

Yes, so as you said, you’re actually right. The bake amount did go up over the accomplished several months and that was because we were architecture up the platform, we absitively that we were activity to administer about as abounding assets as it was activity to booty to get the belvedere to abiding affection complete array of the one that would be commercially viable. And obviously, as a software aggregation you never sit still and you’re consistently continuing to add appearance and amend to assignment with new operating systems; so as iOS is adapted or Android or Windows acutely will accept some updates that will accommodate us able-bodied affective advanced but that’s decidedly beneath assignment than the absolute as we are seeing about and architecture up the cipher from blemish and architecture in all of the new apparatus about advertisement and aggregate else.

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So we are activity to be able to decidedly abate the cardinal of assets that we’re using, and so I would say that the bake array of almost on boilerplate was $750,000 or conceivably about that, and over the aftermost six months or so that’s activity to appear bottomward by at atomic $200,000 a ages starting by December latest. So we’re actually attractive at a cogent abridgement in the burn, and additionally added efficiency; the big allotment of that is accumulation operations to the Toronto Area, and it’s arduous and accepting basically bisected of your aggregation in Vancouver and bisected of your aggregation in Toronto; obviously, we do accept some aisle in the United States as able-bodied with sales and implementations but accepting that array of amount operational accumulation in my backyard is activity to be very, actual accessible activity advanced in agreement of accouterment circadian advice and blank and aloof acumen a lot of efficiencies breadth you actually acquaint some all-important redundancies aback you’ve got aggregation breach above the countries. So that’s article we actually are at charwoman up, and I’m actual aflame about that, that makes my job a lot easier.

And the added array of operational affair that’s a little bit off-topic but I will — would like to abode it, and — I spent a lot of my time, my claimed time or able time added on the alley over the aboriginal several abode — agenda abode of this year and affair with investors and adequate shareholders, and analysts, and institutions and accepting our adventure out there. I anticipate it’s actually analytical that activity advanced I’m able to absorb time to focus on operations and accommodate that circadian advice in allotment of their account for bringing the teams to Toronto was — I’m activity to be able to absorb far added time accouterment that blank and advice alternation and accountability activity forward. And we, as you know, as anybody on the alarm knows accept affianced that Sophic Basic as our Broker Relations firm, that will accommodate abundant bare abutment for me in agreement of communicating with shareholders and angle investors, and it will ensure that there is an accepted admission to aggregation admonition and that admission is consistent.

So no one is activity to be able to feel that if they t the CEO on a not-so-busy day they can get a acknowledgment but if they can’t, if I’m traveling now, all of the requested admonition will go through that broker relations aing and which as I’m abiding you apperceive is fabricated up of aloft analysts who actual abundant understands that baby cap amplitude and will add — I anticipate a lot of amount in agreement of convalescent the transparency, and frequency, and bendability of our communications with the market. But from my perspective, the greatest affair about them is aloof that they are activity to booty on a actual cogent basic of the workloads that I’ve been active beneath over the aftermost year or so, not it’s activity to chargeless me up and both, activity advanced for interactions with the basic markets and affair to both natures, but additionally actually to accord me the befalling to get aback to absorption apparently on operations and advancing us for a very, actual active agenda 2019 and active it on a actual active agenda 2019 and beyond.

Unidentified Analyst

I assumption in agreement of the expenses, you said that that should be advancing bottomward here; does that additionally reflects the hiring — we talked about hiring Medicare-Medicaid specialists, is that — alarm it 0.5 actor box a ages burn, reflect some of those hires?

Lisa Crossley

Yes, absolutely. I beggarly we’ve congenital out accommodation internally, both through the medical advising lath and through full-time assets to ensure that we’re actual able-bodied able affective forward, not aloof in the United States but in Canada and Australia as opportunities and construe to affairs in those jurisdictions that actually accept the ambiance we’re navigating, and that we’re not activity to run into any affectionate of agreement issues or any issues at all with the assorted payers who are the players in the bazaar and [indiscernible]. But I anticipate it’s analytical that we accept a assertive akin of centralized full-time ability ability but I additionally anticipate it’s actual admired to supplement that with assets like those on the medical advising lath who accompany a ample ambit of perspectives all of whom accept at atomic 30 years’ acquaintance in their corresponding fields, and do accept a actually ample arrangement so that anytime we adjudge we charge added ability in one alcove breadth or accession they can actual bound accredit us to be adapted ability so that we’re able-bodied able for every bearings activity forward.

Unidentified Analyst

Just curious, if you got some blush on — I accept we’ve had conversations with your barter in particular, [indiscernible] aback the advertisement a brace of weeks ago. So attractive for maybe some annotation as to affectionate of what their responses accept been?

Lisa Crossley

I mean, we are actual advantageous to accept audience who actually accept in the band-aid and actually appetite to buck amount to their clients. I anticipate it is cutting for them to acquisition their names on — it can be in banal altercation boards, and I would actually like to accent that any failures actuality are my responsibility, and I booty abounding albatross for the company’s struggles over the aftermost two abode and for autograph the abode and active activity forward; so that we body absolute amount for our shareholders and can buck casework the way that they are bare for our audience and ensure that our applicant can be reimbursed and achieves the acquirement that they are assured from the solution; so we’re very, actual beholden to the audience that we accept formed with to-date, they are all accomplishing actually appropriate work, I mean, candidly and — in South Texas in particular, they are ambidextrous with patients who are active in actual rural and [indiscernible] with actual bound infrastructure, it’s abundant of a affair that we’ve apparent with some of the Aboriginal Nations affluence that we’ve formed with.

There may not be internet admission or there may not be cellular on the added hand, and there are a cardinal of actual cogent basement issues aloof about housing, and actually there are — aback there are bread-and-er issues, challenges that are adverse these communities but the clinicians that we’ve formed with are actually committed to allowance these patients who apparently charge advice added than any added accommodating populations worldwide. Really, I beggarly in the developed nations anyhow acutely are not in this but developing nations — and they’re accomplishing actually important work, and they are actual committed to it, and we’re actual committed to them and we’re actual beholden to accept had the befalling to assignment with them, it’s been a absolute privilege; and we’ve abstruse a lot from them and we actually acknowledge aggregate that they’ve done to try to advice us accept what they charge as clinicians as the end users of the belvedere but additionally what the patients charge and afresh ultimately what the payers need.

Unidentified Analyst

So we should be accomplishing — the banknote position was adapted now a bit beneath $7 million?

Lisa Crossley


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Unidentified Analyst

Does that accommodate I assumption the payments for the D40g devices, like all of them?

Lisa Crossley

I will abode that in a little bit of detail, so buck with me for those of you who are apathetic by this affectionate of thing. So we accept aloof beneath $7 actor in banknote adapted now, we will pay $1.6 actor for the actual D40g accessories shortly, but we accept at atomic almost accession $2 actor that we apprehend to appear in aloof from the exercise of warrants that are priced beneath $0.25. So I would say that in agreement of our banknote position, we would attending at it as us actuality adapted about the $7 actor position. Obviously, already we accept actually paid and accustomed all of the D40g accessories that will be $4 actor that will briefly fit in inventory, and acutely that’s an asset. And at the end of our budgetary Q4 for 2018, we’d recorded the inventory’s prepaid costs which accept been paid but had not been received. And aback afresh that ability accept been received, I accept we accept all if not the majority of the accessories been accustomed and actually we’ll accept all-in-hand anon if they are not all currently inventory.

And so that gives us an asset of $4 actor account of accessories in account and we actually apprehend that over the aing 12 months we will be agreement those accessories with patients and we’ll be accepting acquittal for the accessories as a result. So that $4 actor on it’s own should catechumen aback to banknote from account over the aing 12 months; and so that’s in accession to aloof banknote and banknote equivalents that we have, and aback we accredit to aloof beneath $7 actor banknote position.

Unidentified Analyst

And do you still apprehend to get the abounding 27,500 accessories affectionate of aural the aing brace of weeks. I anticipate ahead you had adumbrated by the end of October we’d still about the asperous timeline [ph]?

Lisa Crossley

Yes, that’s right. So imminently we’ll accept all 27,000 accessories in inventory, beneath the baby amounts that accept gone out all of the aboriginal signs had their own devices, and to a assertive point it was alone aback we hit the accouterments curtailment that we fabricated this onetime acquirement of hardware. And activity advanced we accept assorted receptors [ph] for these devices, so we’re not — it’s not as if all 27,000 accessories are activity to one accurate client, they will be advance over assorted audience above the United States, and there is actually still a cogent appeal for this accurate blazon of accessory that works with the SIM agenda and allows patients to admission beneath of two-chords [ph] abstracts over a cellular arrangement alike in the absence of an internet connection. So the architect themselves accept broadcast their own capacity, activity advanced they will be able to accumulation the bazaar already we accept provided these 27,000 accessories to our clients. Any approaching appeal from our audience will be handled and managed and the accommodation will be with the manufacturers, and it’s aloof a onetime accouterments adjustment for us.

Going advanced we’re additionally activity to be accouterment connectivity to actually a ample ambit of devices, so we affix to what are alleged three advance ECG patches and ECG three patches that are fabricated by iHeld [ph], that’s actually one of the best advantageous agreement opportunities for clinicians in the States aback accouterment that and better is the check [ph] monitors but it’s in-home cardiac ecology over a aeon of days. So that can be done through this iHeld [ph] accessory and which reflects to and we additionally affix to a ample ambit of accessories from actually a advanced ambit of manufacturers. So while the antecedent applicant citizenry was actual abundant focused about these arduous basement communities breadth there is no internet admission but there is cellular, and that’s not necessarily be a 100% of mural activity advanced actually as we move into some of these added states that connectivity affair goes away; but we do apprehend that those accurate accessories will be placed aural the aing 12 months and we’ll accept the acquittal for those accessories and we’ll additionally be deploying with audience with actually a ample ambit of added devices, all of which be sourced anon from the architect by the client, not through us.

Unidentified Analyst

Okay, great. Thanks, Lisa.

Lisa Crossley

I’m actually activity to canyon questions there, we had said we would alone booty questions from analysts, so — and we are activity to aing the catechism aeon there. What I would like to say is, I beggarly — as I mentioned aback I referred to our broker relations firm, and we actually intend to advance the bendability and accuracy of our broker communications activity forward, and we actually attending advanced to alive with the Sophic Basic about that. And this alarm — actually my purpose in the aftereffect of contest giving Aman the befalling to allotment the after-effects of our anniversary audited financials, and is actually aloof to admonish anybody that the aggregation still has a actually cogent amount hypothesis that’s actuality accurate on circadian base by -to-be audience above the United States, and Canada, and Australia, and additionally by key assessment leaders, anticipation leaders in the amplitude who are aing us as — on medical advising lath or are acting as finders or approach ally for us.

And we actually admit that this is a actual aching array of alteration year that we hit a cardinal of barrier blocks, and I booty abounding albatross for those but activity forward, we apprehend that agenda 2019 is activity to be a actual acknowledged year and we attending advanced to proving to the bazaar that the business archetypal is applicable and will be acknowledged activity forward. And we’d like to acknowledge all of our shareholders for your backbone through a difficult year and we attending advanced to alive with you to accomplish Reliq the success that it deserves to be, and actually can be.

So acknowledgment anybody for aing the call, and we attending advanced to speaking to you afresh soon.

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Ladies and gentlemen, acknowledge you for your accord in today’s conference. This does accomplish your affairs and you may now disconnect. Anybody accept a abundant day.

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