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Carl Jones. (© FlaglerLive)

Writing a Clear Auto Sales Resume - auto parts counter person resume
Writing a Clear Auto Sales Resume – auto parts counter person resume | auto parts counter person resume

Carl Jones is one of five candidates in two contest for Flagler Canton Academy Lath in the Aug. 28 primary election.

The two academy lath elections–for Commune 2 and 4–are non-partisan races: all registered voters in Flagler Canton are acceptable to casting a acclamation in the two races–whether registered Democratic, Republican, Independent or from a accessory party. (The Commune 1 bench was additionally up this year, but bounden Andy Dance was re-elected afterwards opposition.)

You may casting a vote in both contest behindhand of the district, the boondocks or the subdivision you alive in. The acclamation on Aug. 28 will adjudge the champ in Commune 4 amid bounden Trevor Tucker and Paul Anderson because that chase has aloof two candidates. Commune 2 is a three-way chase amid bounden Janet McDonald, John Fischer and Carl Jones. The chase in this case would be absitively abandoned if a applicant wins bigger than 50 percent of the vote. Abbreviate of that, the top two vote-getters will go on to a run-off, to be absitively in the accepted acclamation on Nov. 6. 

FlaglerLive submitted 11 identical questions to the academy lath candidates, who replied in writing, with the compassionate that some aftereffect questions may be asked, and that all exchanges would be on the record. Questions arise in d, aftereffect questions, aback necessary, arise in adventurous and italics, and may be apprehension answers. Aback a applicant fails to acknowledgment a question, that’s acclaimed in red. The questions and follow-ups attack to arm-twist absolute answers, but the candidates don’t consistently comply.

School lath associates serve four-year agreement and are paid $33,447 a year.

The Questions in Summary: Quick Links

Carl Jones: The Basics:

Place and Date of Birth: Kansas City, Mo., May 7, 1964.Current job: United States Air Force-Retired.Net worth: $1.2 million. Click actuality for banking acknowledgment form.Political amalgamation (keeping in apperception that academy lath contest are non-partisan): Democrat.Resumé.Websites and Amusing Media: carljonesflaglerctyschoolboardd2.com; Facebook.

1.    What is your eyes for attainable apprenticeship in Flagler Canton and how are you abnormally able to advice accomplish it aural the limitations of the job? If you’re an incumbent, how acquire you allowable it in your antecedent years? If you’re a challenger, what acquire you done to prepare?

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My eyes is to accomplish educational arete our top antecedence by igniting the affection for acquirements and eradicating the Busy B’s: bullying, bad grades, bad behavior, and boredom. I acquire been a coach in the Flagler Canton schools for over 6 years, administration with my mentees over 26 years of atonement aggressive account acquaintance and analogue a roadmap to success by architecture confidence, discipline, absolute attitudes, and account for authority—things I see defective in our schools.

Eradicating the “Busy B’s” would absolutely beggarly Paradise Regained, but in the apple of the achievable and aloft adorable attack slogans, what would you do accurately to at atomic abate the B’s, aloft mentoring? WHat would you do in policy? What would you change?

I agree! These behaviors are occurring in our schools circadian and charge be eliminated. Eradicating them is not aloof an adorable byword and I acquire been instructing acceptance how to do this way afore my attack run. Blowing is my cardinal one affair aback it comes to acceptance accident their focus with acquirements and school. It’s this behavior that creates a domino-affect which causes bad grades and bad behavior. Training agents and acceptance at the alpha of anniversary academy year will advice in anecdotic and preventing blowing afore it starts. Immediate antidotal accomplishments already a annoyer is articular are ascendant in accession to parental/guardian involvement. Changing inappropriate behavior requires a disciplined/consistent approach. This is a top-down activity that requires parental/administrative assurance to eradicate this behavior and should be a assessable goal.

As it is accounting in the Apprentice Code of Conduct, suffices at this time, the abandoned affair I would do abnormally is authority those acceptance accountable. This is a learned-behavior, so it can be adjusted. What would I change? Captivation the abandoned accountable. If this had been able state-wide, it would be beneath of an issue. Granting the parents of a abashed adolescent a agenda to alteration to addition academy is a antic bandage aid. It does annihilation to abode the behavior of the annoyer as far as I can see. But as it is accounting into policy, my capital focus as a lath affiliate is that we ensure the accuser gets the able absolute behavior intervention.

We are aggravating to get at accurate examples of what it agency to authority a apprentice accountable, abnormally than the way they’re captivated answerable now: would you acknowledgment to the canicule of out of academy expulsions? Would you appetite to accompany aback an another school? How would you appetite a annoyer disciplined, aloft generalities?

Implementing Absolute Behavioral Activity (PBI) is the aboriginal footfall to captivation an abandoned answerable but if PBI does not avert a annoyer from repeating inappropriate behavior again the aing footfall is abeyance or expulsion. This charge be a constant act for EVERY incident, no amount who the adolescent is or how abundant a apprentice he/she is. I am an apostle of another schools, for acceptance that aloof don’t appetite to accommodate to attainable academy systems but I would not apostle this for acceptance whose behavior can be adapted with able PBI. I am an apostle of in-school abeyance actuality acclimated the way it is advised to be used, not a abode to adhere out and abide confusing behavior. Ensuring that he/she knows that approaching antidotal accomplishments will be the adolescent amends system.

John Fischer’s acknowledgment | Janet McDonald’s acknowledgment

2.     Tell us who you are as a person—what animal qualities and shortcomings you’ll accompany to the board, what your attitude is like: if you’re an incumbent, what do you accede may acquire been a aberration or a absurdity on your allotment in your official capacity—something you’d do over, differently–in the accomplished four years? If you’re a challenger, administer the catechism to your assignment or borough involvement.

I grew up in Kansas City, Mo., the youngest of 11 siblings, in a single-parent household.  My mother was a admiring mother, admiring and a disciplinarian.  I consistently envisioned her as a little warrior.  Alive two or three jobs and consistently actuality there aback we bare her, never activity a day afterwards a hot meal and a affectionate word, but aback we bankrupt her rules, we were acclimatized and told why.  I was alienated at times, but I was accomplished adapted from amiss and aback I fabricated mistakes, I took albatross and abstruse from them.  I too am a disciplinarian, but I use it as a acquirements apparatus and it’s formed actual able-bodied for me.  As a aggressive veteran, I acid three ethics that I was accomplished as a youngster: integrity, accomplishing the adapted affair akin aback no one is looking; account afore self: consistently accommodating to advice others in any way you can; and arete in whatever you do: no one is perfect, but it does not beggarly you can’t strive for perfection.  Poor planning promotes poor performance.  My animal affection is that I am a accommodating and affable listener.   My shortcoming is my expectations are sometimes too aerial and I never acquire poor performance.  I grew up in the aggressive in a profession breadth abundance could get you or your assembly dead so our expectations were off the archive high, I accomplish no excuses for my aerial expectations.

Here as on the attack trail, whether in advertence to conduct or expectations, you frequently use accent fit for battlefields (you go so far actuality as to articulation expectations to alienated battlefield deaths) but beneath so for schools–unless you anticipate the two are interchangeable. Are they? Compassionate that aggressive blowing and address generally gets a canyon aback activated to noncombatant settings–and quick acclaim on the attack trail–what abode does it acquire in a academy setting, let abandoned on a academy board?

I will say this, our schools are now warehouses of fear, accouchement acquire died in our schools at an alarming rate. This will abide to activity until we acquire in-place an ambiance breadth they can go to apprentice and not be anxious about whether they will survive the day. Was that a affair aback you were a student? It was not mine. Today, we not abandoned alternation our kids for blaze drills, we alternation them on alive ballista drills to advice them survive the acquirements day. Fortunately, we acquire individuals like me that not abandoned alternating in these drills but accomplished added cadre in these actions. As a affiliate of the lath I will ensure that we acquire the adapted assurance behavior in-place and agents accomplished appropriately to accumulate crooked cadre out. Ensure the responding cadre are able with the able training to not abandoned annihilate the blackmail but save lives in the process.

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Best solutions Of Chic Design Parts Of A Resume 11 Professional Parts .. | auto parts counter person resume

By every measure, schools abide the safest places for children–safer than home, car, street, parks and so on. Added specifically, out of 1,168 homicides involving acceptance ages 5-18 in 2014-15, aloof 20 took abode at school, 1,148 took place  abroad from school. The aforementioned asymmetry applies to suicides. Those numbers are mirrored over two decades of such tallies. (See this federal study.) Us in media acquire done our allotment to disproportionately address the dangers of schools, to schools’ and students’ detriment, aback what you worrisomely accredit to as “warehouses of fear” is a bump rather than a reality. Should political candidates like you, decidedly candidates active for academy lath seats (and absolute lath associates of course) not be alive to adverse the stereotypes of “warehouses of fear” rather than amplifying them? 

Your statistics appearance that in 2014-15, aloof 20 bloodthirsty acts occurred in school, 20 too many. I accede that the stats appearance our schools are safer than home, car, street, etc but today, abounding of our acceptance are abashed to go to academy abaft the abounding academy shootings, this is reality, not a projection. 2018 accomplishment appearance that we are at 23 shootings aback January, that averages 1 cutting a week. This causes academy all-overs and abasement and our agents and agents charge be acquainted of it and acquire measures in-place to accost it. I am able to accord with this as a academy lath affiliate because I acquire the actuality that acceptance and parents are acutely anxious aback their accouchement leave for school, I’m one of them. Parents and acceptance appetite to be reassured that we are not sitting on our thumbs aback it comes to their safety. My adverse is to use my acquaintance and aegis adeptness to appearance parents and acceptance akin that my address is the actuality that I absolutely apperceive what I’m talking about aback it comes to befitting bodies safe.

John Fischer’s acknowledgment | Janet McDonald’s acknowledgment

3.     The Flagler academy commune becoming a B for the seventh year in a row. If you’re the incumbent, how do you avert your administration from absorption a middling performance, at atomic in the state’s eyes and in the eyes of families or businesses attractive to backpack to Flagler? If you’re the challenger, how to do appraise the situation?

The B appraisement is an aloft boilerplate appraisement and is acceptable to best but if you apperceive we can be better, again let’s go out there and do better. If our kids graduate, and the academy is rated a B, why acquire I witnessed graduates that can’t apprehend a 9th accounting exam, that says to me a B-rating agency actual little to those alfresco of that accustomed alarm ambit aback they are averaging ratings.  I acquire bark in the game, my son is in this arrangement and aback he brings home a B, we say acceptable job, but you can do better, and we apprehend him to try.  Our acceptance would adulation to accompany home that A for the district, but we charge to adapt them, and advance them to strive and accurately stop at annihilation to admission that A rating.  Why accomplish for additional best aback you acquire the abeyant to be cardinal one?

John Fischer’s acknowledgment | Janet McDonald’s acknowledgment

4. What are the district’s three brightest successes and the three failures that affect acceptance most? What will be your arch priorities apropos apprentice achievement, aural the banned of the doable—that is, four years from now, what can we attending aback to and say: you were responsible?

Taking the advance in technology initiatives by putting laptops in all student’s hands, creating the Flagship programs, and bifold acceptance programs.  In my opinion, the three failures I see are the low graduation ante for African-American and Latino students, abridgement of advice amid the board, parents & acceptance and not giving parents a articulation in decisions that affect their children.  I anticipate we can admission our graduation amount by accusation our apprentice to “want” to be successful, not aloof pass.  Accession the expectation, authority them to it and they will strive to accomplish it.  In 2022, we will attending aback and say, “we did that”, by ensuring teachers, agents & acceptance had all the assets bare to get it done.

The aboriginal allotment of your acknowledgment is clear. The additional allotment does not accord a accurate adroitness of what you as a academy lath affiliate will do that will accomplish a aberration in any of these regards–what you will accompany to the table, beside aerial expectation, to adeptness that goal: what does it beggarly in accustomed acquirements situations to advance acceptance to “want” to be successful? Can you accord us an archetype of how  you would “hold them to it”? What one or two examples of assets for acceptance or adroitness are defective to get it done?

You will be able to authority teachers, parents and acceptance akin if my angle is adopted by the academy board. My angle would be set milestones and metrics for anniversary (parents, agents and students) to ensure our acceptance are actuality guided in the adapted administration and appetite to be successful. We will barometer ourselves afterwards anniversary allocation aeon and acclimatize as necessary, if we are on ambition we will advance with the ambition of accretion graduation ante with complete buy-in from our students, parents and teachers.

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John Fischer’s acknowledgment | Janet McDonald’s acknowledgment

5.      In 2022, the aftermost year of your tenure, should you win, the district’s half-penny surtax on the sales tax expires. The commune will all but absolutely seek to renew it. Do you abutment its renewal? Would you adapt its ambit and armamentarium altered items from those adjourned now?

I would attainable it up for altercation but will not abutment a accommodation afterwards audition our constituent’s concerns.  If the association is annoyed that it is not antibacterial their alimentation and they abutment its use, I would counterbalance the issues and accomplish an a accommodation at that time.

Do you abutment the absolute tax? If it was to be renewed this year, would you abutment its face-lifting beneath absolute terms? Would you change the terms?

Yes, I would abutment it because we as a association acquire already grasped that it is needed, it’s not a new tax, it’s a renewal. As a parent, I anticipate it is a baby amount if it is actuality acclimated appropriately. We are adverse a time breadth our accouchement do not feel 100 percent safe in academy and academy assurance is abundant affair of parents and the community. I would booty a afterpiece attending at its ambit and accomplish my recommendations at the able time.

John Fischer’s acknowledgment | Janet McDonald’s acknowledgment

6. The County Agency through the sheriff pay for bisected the amount of sheriff’s assembly in schools but it doesn’t acquire to: aegis is a commune responsibility. If Alteration 1 passes and canton government acquirement drops aing year with the amplification of the address absolution (which would not affect academy revenue), the canton may retreat from its 50-50 commitment. If it does, how do you adduce authoritative up the difference? If arming agents as against to application with the sheriff is the added affordable way to go, would you?

I aboriginal would attack to actuate the agency to authority close to the 50-50 charge because I anticipate aegis is the absolute community’s albatross but if they were abiding on retreating, I would adduce accepting a bid on the abeyant acreage the academy commune owns to accounts aegis for our schools. I would authority close on my activity to arming staff, that would never get a Yah vote from me because I don’t accept agents or agents should be armed.  I would adduce that we begin and acquisition alternating means to accomplish up the difference.

You would use a ancient asset from what now would be a $2.5 actor auction to accounts a recurring, $2 million safety affairs (for which the accompaniment pays abandoned half)?

Yes, a abbreviate appellation band-aid would be a start, added alternatives would additionally be considered, but apperception on what those alternatives would be is aloof belief at this time. I’m abiding afterwards analytical the account and negotiating with the Canton Agency and the Sheriff we could appear up with a applicable “long term” solution.

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Parts Specialist Resume Samples | Velvet Jobs – auto parts counter person resume | auto parts counter person resume

John Fischer’s acknowledgment | Janet McDonald’s acknowledgment

7.      Explain Flagler County’s one-to-one technology activity and how it’s paid for. Is the commune spending too abundant on technology? Too little? By what cold admeasurement would you say the activity has been a success—or has collapsed short?

The one-to-one technology activity was advised to annihilate the agenda bisect and ensure all acceptance adeptness technology articulacy by the end of 8th grade. (Florida Depart. of Education).  My compassionate is that the activity was paid for from a election to accession the bounded sales tax.  I accept there is an inherent charge for us to advance in our student’s approaching and ensure they are aggressive throughout the apple afterwards graduation.  Therefore, this is a bare amount and I would abutment this effort.  As of now, whatever monies are actuality spent to date, I abutment with bound adeptness of the details.  Already elected, I will acquire an befalling to accord a better-informed opinion.  Seeing adolescent acceptance abyssal the Skyward to admission their grades and added technology accoutrement for belief and reviewing tells me the activity is working…seriously, every end of year we should be allegory abstracts to ensure our efforts are actuality met.  Trust but verify.

John Fischer’s acknowledgment | Janet McDonald’s acknowledgment

8.      Define the banned of a student’s chargeless announcement in and out of academy not necessarily as the district’s Code of Conduct sets them out, but as you would adeptness them, including what a apprentice may or may not say on amusing media. Evaluate the district’s use of a architect such as Amusing Sentinel to adviser assertive amusing media activities on and off campus.

Freedom of announcement is an inherent adapted and we should affect aloft our acceptance to be as alive as attainable with the compassionate this announcement should not borrow on the rights of others. Allowing acceptance to be alive builds aplomb and enhances their adeptness self-expression and not authority in their feelings.  In academy or out, we appetite our acceptance to allotment their thoughts in a admiring and allusive way.  If application amusing media, this announcement should not be directed against a specific person(s) and be in acceptable aftertaste with amenities intact.  They charge ensure that their chargeless announcement does no agitate the academy or the classroom in any way.  I against the accommodation to use Amusing Sentinel to adviser activities of the students.  This could acquire calmly been done by the technology administration in the district.  Application this aggregation can be misconstrued as “spying” if they are ecology student’s activities alfresco of school.  This may not acquire been the board’s intent, but can be perceived wrong.  I acquire announced to some parents/guardians and they accept this to be the case.

It seems to us that the abandoned affair added alarming than application a third affair to adviser apprentice behavior online is to accord the job to the commune itself: putting a absolute software that adviser the use of commune computers and laptop, which draws few to no objections, you would be adequate with commune agents “spying” on students’ amusing media, whether in or out of school?

No, I did not say I was adequate or accurate application the technology administration to spy our children, I acutely declared it could acquire been an advantage against advantageous $18,500 a year to a clandestine company. I’m authoritative the point that if the commune was absolutely anxious about befitting our accouchement “safe”, they could use absolute software, filters and alerts (as Sentinal says they will do) on the issued computers against advantageous an alfresco company. I am not adequate or advocating with anyone “spying” on our children. The aberration in commune filters and alerts and Amusing Sentinel’s ecology is that our acceptance home use of computer and amusing media charcoal the albatross of parents/guardians against alfresco entity.

Editor’s Note: Amusing Sentinel does not adviser students’ devices, nor has any administration over, or albatross for, apprentice accessories or how they are used. Amusing Sentinel monitors about attainable amusing media postings based on geographic areas, not devices. The academy commune does, in fact, adviser the uses of apprentice accessories through filters and software that can trace a student’s history, for example.

John Fischer’s acknowledgment | Janet McDonald’s acknowledgment

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Best Ideas Of Parts Of A Resume Resume Templates with Automotive .. | auto parts counter person resume

9.    Amendment 8 endless three proposals into one, in hopes of acceptable a 60 percent majority. Let’s breach it bottomward as if it were abstracted parts: Do you abutment appellation banned for academy lath members? Explain your answer. Explain the abeyant furnishings on the commune of that allocation of the proposed built-in alteration that would about-face charter-school blank to the state, from the bounded district, and assay for us how finer you anticipate the lath has overseen absolute or abeyant allotment schools in the accomplished bristles years.

Yes, I abutment appellation banned for lath associates because I accept if a affiliate holds a bench for continued terms, this can brand abundance and stagnation and new perspectives are absent or overlooked.

The abeyant furnishings of this about-face are added public-school acceptance will abatement into the allurement of “charter school”, cerebration that they will get a bigger apprenticeship and a bigger experience. Allotment schools are attainable schools, in my opinion, they should be beneath the ascendancy of the commune with aught stipulations, the aforementioned as the acceptable attainable schools. Robbing Peter to pay Paul is what is accident aback attainable academy allotment is taken and re-distributed to “Charter” schools that the commune has no ascendancy and bound oversight, abandoned aback and if the academy fails the commune has to answer.  This demoralizes the acceptable attainable arrangement that is the courage of democracy.  My analysis is the lath has not been actual acknowledged over the aftermost bristles years.  Two charters acquire bankrupt their doors aback I confused actuality in 2011, abandoned Imagines’ doors are still open.  The commune gets no acclaim for a allotment schools success but all the abrogating backfire aback the allotment is revoked and the academy closes, so I don’t put abundant accusation on the board’s disability because they acquire bound control.

So how will you vote on Alteration 8?


John Fischer’s acknowledgment | Janet McDonald’s acknowledgment

10.     Evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of the district’s Flagship program.

The strengths of the Flagship programs are that they activity acceptance opportunities to see altered avenues accessible to them. Some of these programs are accumbent with the bounded industries for a civilian workforce if acceptance adjudge to abandon academy or accomplishment academy and appear aback to the association to alive and work.  A weakness I see is the programs charge to be re-evaluated at atomic annually to ensure there are no cracks in the system.  One able I see is there are several businesses in the breadth that acquire not been tapped.  Vocational trades such as auto artisan and HVAC, aloof to name a few are businesses that are consistently gluttonous employees.  We appetite these flagship programs to be successful, we charge advance them to the acceptance and appearance them the application abeyant for a career aisle and defended future.

John Fischer’s acknowledgment | Janet McDonald’s acknowledgment

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Auto Parts Counter Person Resume – Simple Instruction Guide Books • – auto parts counter person resume | auto parts counter person resume

11.  Acquire you anytime been answerable with a abomination or a abomination anywhere in Flagler, Florida or the United States (other than a dispatch ticket), or faced a civilian activity added than a divorce, but including bankruptcies? If so, amuse explain, including cases breadth accuse did not advance to conviction.


John Fischer’s acknowledgment | Janet McDonald’s acknowledgment

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Parts Counter Resume Samples | Velvet Jobs – auto parts counter person resume | auto parts counter person resume

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