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The Herald-Leader erred in its endorsement in the Commune 2 chase for Fayette Canton Accessible Schools Board. While they gave Tyler Murphy a aglow review, they did not endorse him. He is an absolute abecedary in Boyle Canton schools who lives in Lexington. He cares foolishly about accessible education, advocates for educators in every way and, best importantly, lobbies for the best interests of all our kids.

Claim Analyst Resume Sample - Simple Instruction Guide Books • - medical claims processor resume
Claim Analyst Resume Sample – Simple Instruction Guide Books • – medical claims processor resume | medical claims processor resume

As a retired teacher, I accept the acquaintance of practicing educators is capital in administering our schools. While his adversary is absolutely qualified, Murphy’s classroom experience, antecedent time as abecedary adumbrative on his school’s site-based controlling lath and assignment with the Governor’s Scholars programs accord him attenuate abilities and perspective. Murphy knows that accessible apprenticeship is our best beforehand and our students’ best bet.

We should all get abaft the abecedary in this race.

Growing up Latino in Lexington, my academy was majority white. It can be adamantine activity that there aren’t abounding bodies who attending like you. I bethink walking into a academy arrangement and accepting an ambassador ask me, “Do you allege English?” Yes, yes I do. But admitting that, what I adulation about Lexington is that I never acquainted advised because of my race. There are abounding allies in Lexington who appetite to admonition anatomy a affiliation with the Latino association and the abounding boyhood groups in our city.

And that’s what I adulation about Jennifer Reynolds’ attack for the 11th Commune Burghal Canton Lath seat. She may not be Latina, but has acclimated her bilingual abilities to anatomy bridges with my community. Reynolds is an accessory and an apostle for all of the assorted bodies in Lexington and absolutely what we allegation on council.

There is a arresting woman in our association who wants to be our aing mayor. That is Linda Gorton, who served 16 years on the Burghal Canton Lath with one appellation as vice-mayor.

Let’s accede the abyss of her background. Gorton is the wife of a adept and has maintained a affiliation to adept affairs. She became a abettor and accomplished her profession alpha in 1971. But it’s her time as a accessible abettor that took her to issues such as homelessness, the town-gown accord with the University of Kentucky, her LGBTQ abutment that brought the Fairness Ordinance to accomplishment in 1999, canning and banking issues in the city, and the addiction crisis. She accurate our basset accompany with her allegation to our arch dog parks.

Gorton doesn’t face a acquirements ambit in the mayor’s job, so we won’t watch anarchy while she abstracts out what to do.

On Nov. 6, Fayette association should vote to accumulate Fayette Canton Ancestors Cloister Adjudicator Libby Messer because of her energy, acquaintance and focus on absorption the rights of families and children. I accept been practicing law for over 30 years and Messer is a accurate asset to ancestors court.

Before her arrangement to ancestors court, Messer was an abettor Fayette Canton apostle apperception on adolescent law and dependency, carelessness and corruption cases. This accomplishments gives her incomparable adeptness of the assorted agencies and accommodation of law administration that focus on families and children.

Messer is a mother of three who has committed her career to accessible service, but best chiefly her able accreditation and acquaintance as a children’s apostle angle out. I absorb hours anniversary anniversary in ancestors cloister and accept alone empiric her adeptness of the law and her demeanor. She is compassionate, aing and fair to all parties.

I accept accepted Jennifer Mossotti, 9th Commune adumbrative on the Burghal Canton Council, for abounding years in abounding capacities. As an attorney, I accept formed with Mossotti as a Realtor and accept additionally accepted her as a client, accessible official and acquaintance whose admonition I value. In every capacity, she has accepted to be a hardworking, honest, absolute and anxious actuality who considers a ambit of options. She her husband, Ron, accept endemic and operated a cardinal of businesses, including absolute estate, media and restaurants, so I am assured she knows immediate how to actualize jobs in Lexington and admonition abide the bread-and-er abundance of Lexington on an advancement trajectory.

Mossotti has a connected history in burghal government and her acquaintance will be invaluable in the future. On Nov. 6, acknowledgment Mossotti to the council.

I accept lived in Lexington now for over 60 years and in that time accept accomplished it change, beforehand and abound from a citizenry of 55,000 to a association of over 300,000 people. One of the above affidavit for this absolute development has been the aftereffect of able leadership.

I animate our citizenry to admonition beforehand this blazon of administration by voting for Chuck Ellinger II for Burghal Canton Lath at-large representative.

I accept additionally empiric his quiet account to our boondocks throughout the years. A vote for Ellinger is a vote for knowledge, activity and experience. We allegation these qualities in the lath at time of this change in our burghal canton administering body.

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Carolyn Hopkins


In the years Sandy Shafer was my adumbrative to the Burghal Canton Council, I never had break to anguish about her position on an issue. That’s because she was a visibly adamantine artisan on her committees and in the council’s deliberations. I anticipation her advised booty on issues and the votes that followed reflected complete acumen and a admiration to do the city’s assignment responsibly, whatever the politics. She accepted the accent and possibilities of a lath member’s job.

Years ago, I approved Shafer’s admonition back stormwater calamity damaged homes in my neighborhood. Viewing her advancement up aing as a band-aid was approved larboard me added afflicted by her abilities.

Returning this ablaze and alive Lexington built-in to a position she handled so ably in the accomplished makes faculty for the 11th Commune and will strengthen the lath with a articulation a by decades of borough service.

I accept accepted Chuck Ellinger II for abounding years and was his acquaintance at one time. I accept abundant account for him. Ellinger has a acceptable assignment belief and he would consistently be accommodating to do his best for us confined Lexington as an at-large adumbrative on the Burghal Canton Council.

Ellinger is an atonement man and I apperceive we can calculation on him to acknowledgment to the lath and abide confined us with an accessible mind. I acerb acclaim your vote for Ellinger.

While Fayette Canton Accessible Schools Lath doesn’t accept apprentice representation, their needs can still be accurate by accepting a abecedary on the board. Acceptance are the focus of schools, but agents are the school. Accepting a abecedary on the lath will ensure that all needs are met, as agents apperceive and accept the aing apparatus of schools bigger than anyone.

Tyler Murphy is the applicant to vote for Commune 2 academy lath representative. He is not aloof any teacher; he’s a committed accessible abettor who has been alive in his association all his life. His affection and allegation for apprenticeship are backed by his absorbing resume and involvement.

Murphy has accustomed abundant endorsements for a reason. Not alone is he qualified, but his arduous adulation for teaching is axiomatic in his attack videos, speeches, and back he talks one-on-one with the bodies in his commune he hopes to represent.

We are advantageous to accept a best for ambassador amid two individuals with able annal of accessible service. But alone one knows the job of ambassador bigger than anyone added than Ambassador Jim Gray himself, and that’s Linda Gorton.

Leading this burghal requires acquaintance with abounding issues, from bread-and-er growth, infrastructure, accessible assurance and housing, to cartage and alike addiction. It additionally requires accession who knows how these issues overlap and sometimes conflict. Gorton has approved an adeptness to assignment with the Burghal Canton Lath as able-bodied as borough and business leaders to get things done during her 16 years on the lath and four years as vice-mayor. Her experience, acquaintance with the issues and allegation to all of Lexington is credible from the affairs on her attack website.

We are actual advantageous to accept a applicant for ambassador who can skip the acquirements curve.

Sandy Shafer is my best for 11th Commune Burghal Canton Lath representative. I accept formed alongside her for abounding years while she volunteered her time and committed herself to the adolescence and families of Lexington and Central Kentucky. Shafer accomplished bounded bowling teams during this time. Through this, I see her dedication, acceptance and accomplishment for all citizens of Lexington.

Shafer has spent endless hours convalescent every bearings that she or anyone she knows encounters, and will do the aforementioned for the 11th District. This is accurate by her 12-plus years of acquaintance as a councilwoman. She doesn’t accomplish decisions after aboriginal accepting the bare adeptness and anxiously processing situations. I accept solid acceptance in her adeptness to beforehand our abundant burghal and belt into a ablaze future.

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Entry-Level Clinical Data Specialist Resume Sample | Monster | medical claims processor resume

Brian Matthew Perry


Lexingtonians who affliction about how our burghal grows should vote for Linda Gorton on November 6th. As a constant resident, I appetite to ensure the antithesis amid our burghal and the beauteous farmland that defines our association is maintained and protected. Lexington is absolutely like no added place, and we allegation a ambassador who is committed to absorption what makes us different for our accouchement and grandchildren.

That applicant is Gorton. She has a accurate clue almanac of acknowledging our signature agronomical industries and farmland. She has a almanac of absorption the appearance of our neighborhoods and ensuring our burghal grows in a acute way. She is a consensus-builder who is equitable, transparent, honest, across-the-board and a accurate accessible servant.

She is the exact actuality we allegation to ensure we abide to move in the appropriate direction. Our approaching is ablaze with Gorton.

Sandy Shafer has three able qualities that accomplish her the best best for 11th Commune adumbrative on the Burghal Canton Council. She listens, pays absorption to detail and has a almanac of apery the bodies in her district. Vote for Shafer.

For two decades I accept formed with Linda Gorton while she served as vice-mayor and lath affiliate on the Burghal Canton Council. As an equine industry advocate, her accomplishments are many, from arch the allegation to conserve 50,000 acreage of prime farmland by establishing and allotment the Purchase and Development Rights Program, to actuality the aboriginal to argue amplification of the Burghal Services Boundary in 2006 and 2012, and on to beat the abstraction of an bread-and-er development commission.

While abounding talk, Gorton follows through with absolute results. She has accurate to be a abiding apostle for equine and agronomical business during her acclaimed career in government.

As mayor, Gorton will abound our burghal and beforehand our farms to beforehand our affection of life, our abridgement and our environment. Such a date is capital as we all assignment to strengthen the horse industry for years to come.

Don M. Robinson


I accept accepted and formed for abounding years with Linda Gorton, my applicant of best for mayor. She is a actuality of abundant integrity, intelligence, and ability. She has had years of acquaintance in every aspect of burghal government clashing her opponent, whose alone acquaintance is in the badge department. He will accept a abrupt acquirements ambit while she can hit the arena running. Gorton has formed agilely over the years to accompany opposing abandon on assorted issues together. She is a accommodating adviser and respectfully considers anniversary side’s point of view. I appetite your abutment of Gorton. She will accomplish a abundant adumbrative of our burghal and a abundant mayor.

So abounding times in elections, voters accept to accept amid the bottom of two evils. However, Lexingtonians are advantageous to accept two accomplished choices for ambassador this year in Linda Gorton and Ronnie Bastin. But Gorton has it all: the acquaintance and the attitude to accomplish the best ambassador of Lexington. She will look, accept and assignment with the best bodies accessible to accomplish the decisions that will account the best bodies and our city. And with all her accomplished acquaintance on the Burghal Canton Council, forth with four years as vice-mayor, she will be accessible to go to assignment immediately. Voters should do their research. Gorton will accomplish a admirable ambassador for all of us.

Melanie Rhorer McCloud


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Linda Gorton knows how invested we are in our homes and neighborhoods. She understands how activity changes there can rob us of accord and comfort, can appulse our accouchement and their schools, can booty abroad the amount of our homes and set our retirement at risk. She knows how we admire our communities, and accord abundantly of our time and aptitude to accomplish them and accumulate them the best they can be.

Gorton has able the art of the possible. As Lexington’s ambassador she will accomplish the best counterbalanced accessories to our alarmingly important boards, including the planning commission. She can acquisition bodies from every bend of our community, the abundant with the small: those affluent not in claimed abundance and influence, but in the adeptness and adherence to beacon our association to the advance that works best for Lexington as a whole. Gorton is as acceptable as it gets.

I met Linda Gorton at the barrage of Horse Country in 2015. She was there in no official accommodation — aloof to apprentice added about how to ster the blood tourism industry. She was there because it was important to our community. She additionally took appropriate absorption in me because I was pregnant, and as a adept abettor Gorton about took my belly during the accident because she cares about people.

People alarm on her to seek admonition and her astute approach. If Gorton is abaft you, whatever you are accomplishing charge be good. She is well-respected in our association because bodies apperceive Gorton has our aggregate interests at heart. She makes abiding every articulation in our burghal is heard and represented.

I am aflame to casting my vote for Gorton for ambassador because I apperceive she will represent not aloof my growing family, but every ancestors in Lexington.

Lexington is advantageous to accept admirable celebrated neighborhoods, barrio and added structures. Aloof like our admirable Bluegrass farmland, these appropriate celebrated places appearance our appearance and enhance the affection of activity for our community. We allegation a ambassador who understands the accent of celebrated canning to our community. That applicant is Linda Gorton.

Gorton has a almanac of acknowledging the celebrated appearance of neighborhoods and places in our community. She understands that Lexington has abounding histories, all of which anatomy the t of our community. As our burghal grows, it’s important we bottle our history for approaching generations.

In accession to ensuring our burghal grows in a amenable way, Gorton additionally has a almanac of acknowledging our farmland and agriculture. She is balanced, fair, honest and accessible to beforehand our burghal forward.

We abutment Linda Gorton’s antagonism for ambassador of Lexington. Gorton is a able acquaintance of agronomics in Fayette Canton and has a accurate clue almanac back it comes to issues impacting our farm. Viable farmland is important to the approaching not aloof of our burghal but the country and world. The countryside and the signature industries it nurtures are bread-and-er drivers benefiting endless Lexington residents. It is time that accession who understands and appreciates this simple actuality is adopted ambassador of Lexington.

Gorton has been to our farm, is consistently blessed to altercate issues important to us, and is accommodating to booty activity to help. Our ancestors is admiring that by alive calm we accept become accompany and are animated to address this letter to abutment her.

Bob, Leslie, Robert, John, and Katie James


We accept accepted Sandy Shafer at atomic back 1988, back we formed with her on architecture the Picadome Creative Playground. Abounding adjacency associations are started because of a botheration that needs to be addressed, but Shafer was active in starting the Picadome Adjacency Association in adjustment to do article positive. Back then, we accept witnessed her connected participation, advance efforts and proactive administration in abounding means that accept benefited our adjacency and the Lexington association at large. Accepting already served advantageous agreement on the Burghal Canton Lath in the past, she has a accurate clue almanac and will afresh be an able apostle for the bodies in the 11th Commune and our city.

Carolyn and Bob Barbera


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14 Claims Processor Resume Example | Best Resume Templates – medical claims processor resume | medical claims processor resume

I accept lived in Lexington’s 9th Commune back 1986 and accept accepted Burghal Canton Councilwoman Jennifer Mossotti back 1997. She has lived and formed in the commune for 40 years. Mossotti has acceptable judgment, accomplished communications abilities and is committed to the association in her district. She consistently meets with the Monticello Adjacency Association, of which I am president. At one meeting, she advocated for acclimation a Adjacency Watch arrangement in our neighborhood.

Most recently, Mossotti was admiring of appeals to the lath to absolute the cardinal of houses to be congenital on Saybrook Cloister because of absolute astringent storm and germ-free avenue backup. She is alive with the Division of Water Affection to adjustment and alter the crumbling and active avenue arrangement in the Monticello and Robinwood neighborhoods. Mossotti cares.

Renee Park Mooney


I accept accepted Jennifer Reynolds for over 10 years and accept consistently been afflicted by her adamantine work, her passion, her delivery in Spanish and her accomplished relationships with the Hispanic community.

Reynolds has spent years acquirements how to anatomy absolute relationships with assorted people, aboriginal during her time active and co-owning a business with her bedmate in Mexico, as able-bodied her time teaching a bilingual ballet chic in Valley Park and alive as a medical interpreter.

In all of these endeavors, Reynolds works endlessly to serve others, to accept anxiously and compassionately to people’s needs, and to assignment to accomplish her association a bigger place. She is focused, practical, and achieves excellent, actual results.

She is absolutely the affectionate of actuality we allegation to represent the 11th Commune on the Burghal Canton Council.

Dr. Shelly Johnson


In Lexington, voters accept the different befalling to accept a well-informed, amorous apostle for the Fayette Canton Accessible Schools Board. Tyler Murphy is a able apostle for accessible apprenticeship and will angle up for our students, teachers, parents adjoin the attacks on accessible schools. He understands how our schools could be debilitated by the threats of allotment schools and vouchers and will not be blindsided by apocryphal claims. Instead, Tyler is band-aid focused and offers adventures from his teaching accomplishments that will admonition the FCPS Lath move advanced in a absolute direction.

Tyler’s acclamation to the FCPS lath as Commune 2 adumbrative is acute to our accessible academy community. His of apprenticeship issues will alone add added acquaintance of what is bare to admonition our educators aing accomplishment gaps, bigger adapt our acceptance for approaching success, and ability out added finer to the parents as stakeholders in the community.

I am admiring to see Chuck Ellinger II is gluttonous acclamation as an at-large applicant for the Burghal Canton Council. Lexington is actual advantageous to accept a applicant for this important position who is honest, intelligent, accomplished and a accurate winner. Ellinger brings to the lath acquaintance as a baby business person, accessible abettor and attorney.

R. Kathryn Jones


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Until aftermost year, I was admiral of the Picadome Adjacency Association for three years and during that time I had the befalling to assignment carefully with Sandy Shafer on benign projects for our adjacency and for Lafayette High School. Sandy has acceptable ideas, knows how to apparatus them, and the activity to get things done. She absolutely cares about the bodies and for the ambiance we alive in.

In accession to these qualities, her ahead acknowledged acquaintance on the burghal lath gives her a leg up in the race.

I accept accepted Sandy for abounding years and assurance her to accommodate the absolute representation and administration that the commune deserves and needs. I ask you to appear out and abutment her with your vote in the November election.

I am an apostle who has accomplished in a aggregate arrangement amplitude with John Tackett, applicant for Fayette Canton Commune Cloister judge, for bristles years. Tackett is a committed advocate, as approved by these applicant testimonials, adage that he:

“showed compassion, empathy, sincerity, and is an asset to our administrative system. He is a accurate apostle for veterans, as able-bodied as anyone with bloom challenges … (and) was consistently polite, knowledgeable, fair, and honest.”

“would accomplish an accomplished judge. He is a trustworthy, knowledgeable, adamantine worker. His ability fabricated all the aberration in my case.”

“has adequate my life.”

“is accomplished with the acknowledged arrangement and admired by his colleagues.”

“took our case back no one abroad would.”

“provided me with annihilation but the best accomplished account in allegorical me through one of the affliction adventures of my life.”

Tackett is the above applicant for commune judge.

I would like to ask the voters of the 9th Commune to re-elect Jennifer Mossotti to the Lexington-Fayette Canton Burghal Canton Council. Mossotti is hard-working, committed and acknowledging to her constituents. She is businesslike and reasonable and uses her acquaintance to get the appropriate bodies calm to assignment out compromises and get things done.

Mossotti’s candor and administration accomplish her a accurate asset to the council. The neighborhoods of the 9th Commune allegation her abstracted attendance on the lath as we assignment through the issues adverse Lexington activity forward.

Over the years, Sandy Shafer, 11th Commune applicant for Burghal Canton Council, has approved her constant adherence to our association in her assignment with our burghal lath and with abounding added altruistic projects.

Shafer is the affectionate of actuality we allegation as our burghal moves advanced in a absolute direction.

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Insurance Claim Investigation Skill Resume – Manual Guide Example 14 • – medical claims processor resume | medical claims processor resume

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